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What are the 'dispensations' you sometimes mention?

>>> I've noticed a difference in the dispensations you sometimes mention.  Sometimes when I read the studies here I cannot always discern the subject, as the 'time' seems to shift.   What is your opinion on the various dispensations?>>>
Hi Joyce: 
I admit that I am not always careful to be sure the reader is on the same page when I discuss some things.  I am sorry indeed if my ineptness led to confusion.  Let me say first off, that I see a definite difference between the "ages" which I see as three, and the dispensations which I see as five.
The Ages:
 1)  The world that was  (Gen 1:1 & 1.2)
2)  The present time.  (Gen 1:3 through the present day)
3) The Rest of Eternity. (begins after the White Throne judgment.) 
RE:  The dispensations--
The first I see is the "world that was", and includes all the time from the 'beginning' up until Gen 1:3. 
We have precious little insight into this one, except we can conclude that the Law was there, along with all souls, and of course the Father and His Son.  The Law is Eternal also, for we can see all three in each of the 'dispensations'.
The second I see is the period from Gen 1:3 until the advent of Christ.
This second one is marked by the Word into three subdivisions.  These are the time prior to the flood of Noah,  the time from Noah until the Law was delivered to Moses,  and the time from Moses until Christ. 
This second one therefore has considerable meat in the Word. 
A prime characteristic of this dispensation is the sure wrath of God delivered according to the Law.  The end of this period was in 70 AD, with the Roman destruction.  This is shown in an obscure way in the biik of Acts, Chapter 28, verse 28.  It was here Paul went exclusively to the Nations.   The Gospels, the Acts, and the first 7 written epistles of Paul cover this time. (first written by chronology, not placement in the NT.)
The third one is the present.  This present earth and all folks therein are temporarily reprieved from the wrath of God under the Law, by the Grace of God.  The presence of this is by His Son,  Yashua.  Christ, therefore is presently 'standing in the gap', the gulf between this world,  which He  loves so much, and the wrath of the Eternal, the Law.  The last-written 7 letters of Paul are exclusively to tjis end.  This dispensation concludes with the 'wrath of the Lamb'.
The fourth one covers the time from just after the 'wrath of the Lamb' until the conclusion of the events occurring after Satan's release after the period known as the "millenium" and the 'White Throne' judgment.  During the total time from the beginning of the millenium, through the White Throne Judgment, the Eternal Law is extant, and is also the Judge.  A characteristic which we must not miss, is the total absence of any judgment of the 'faith' we have in Yashua. Those who stood in the gap with Him recieve His Glory. 
The fifth is the Eternity.  Here, we finally sabbath,  for the Law is written "in our hearts."  
We see therefore the Glory of  Pauls promise {paraphrased}"eyes have not seen, nor can the mind comprehend the Glory prepared for us from the foundation of the world"
Hope this will clear up any confusion I caused.
Love in Yashua

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