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Babylon-- do you live there?
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Hi  Bobbie
Consider what Babylon was and is.  It began as a state of material happiness and it still is.  Yep-- we all live there.  It's right here in river city, so to speak.
Rather than re hashing what I have already done, let me copy just a bit from it.
>>the offspring of Israel squandered and lost in a few generations of their own ignorance and love for the world all the blessings Israel had accumulated from the Father. They did it by not being God-like stewards of the things they had. They had lots of help from the envious world, the kenites and etc., but they gave it up of their own freewill, for pleasure and through ignorance. "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge", laments Hosea. "There is nothing new...", thus today, we find that the vast majority of Israel in virtually the identical circumstances as our parents were in Egypt, so many centuries ago. The world's trinkets are not luxuries to most, they have become necessities. Chief among these "necessities" are jobs (our freewill 'right' to sell our labor to someone else) (our right to free will slavery?) WHAT!!! We HAVE to earn MONEY!! Do I need to remind you that your great-grandparents probably earned your grandparent's living with their own labor, raising their own food, and reading Father's Word by home-made candles? A great second necessity is the automobile. WHAT!! we HAVE to have cars to get to our jobs!! (see answer above). We could go on and on, but you can see from the above, that it is MONEY which is the commodity after which the world seeks. Y'Shua warned, 'seek FIRST the kingdom of heaven...' Now, since the world seeks money, you have much competition in your search for accumulation. There are persons who will provide you with money now, for a portion of your future life. It is called usury in the Word, and we are warned against participating in it. Many, even most, have in effect sold themselves into slavery for the rest of their lives, via this vehicle. In addition, money has become sort of a "method of keeping score" in all aspects of our lives. All manner of 'necessities' can be bought with it. As far as Y'Shua taught, money was necessary only for paying taxes, and as far as the rest of the Word, money was always used to 'buy off the world from having a future claim on your labor or goods' (Read carefully the story in Genesis where Abraham insisted on buying the land for burying Sarah).>>
This is from "things part 3" which you will find in the "essays/studies" section.  You may want to read part 1 to get the whole idea, but by all means read part 3. 
Be gentle now, I wrote this series in 1994

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