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Where did Elijah come from?
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Who was Elijah?

>>Ok. Elijah just appears in 1 Kg. 17.  Where did He come from?>>
Hi Dan:

This is quite a question you ask, where did Elijah come from.
Why don't you ask a merely difficult one?

Let me give you an idea of where I have been, looking at the same ?.

In study, I have come to the conclusion that Elijah's ultimate job was to remove the Ark of the Covenant, and carry it to Heaven. (See now the last verse of Rev 11). This I believe he did. Elijah was probably of a priestly family, "tishbite" in Heb literally means "captive". The priests were indeed, captive to God, and as today were scattered thoughout the land, teaching. That he must have had complete knowlege and faith as evidenced by his acts which follow. Though his call is not exactly plainly described, it was obviously a call by God.

8664 Tishbiy-

Tishbite = "captivity";
as a proper noun, location:
1) the home of Elijah; an unknown site, but perhaps the town of Tishbe
as an adjective, gent:
2) an inhabitant of Tishbe or Tishbi or Tesheb; an unknown site and the name is uncertain.

As is known, Joshua brought the Ark into Palestine and the route that was taken is well described in the book of Joshua. If you will study the route the Ark took coming in with Joshua, you will see it is the same that Elijah took when he went to board the Chariot.

Some time previous to Ahab, son of Omri, and his wife Jezebel. The ark ended up at Bethel, in Heb. (House of God). Ahab and Jez were promoting the baal worship of the Phillistines did, as Jez was the daughter of the King of the Zidonians, the then name of the center of the Phillistine government. God got plenty hot.

Now the last verse of 1 Kg 16 points us back to Joshua.

IKing 16:34
34 In his days did Hiel the Bethelite build Jericho: he laid the foundation thereof in Abiram his firstborn, and set up the gates thereof in his youngest son Segub, according to the word of the LORD, which he spake by Joshua the son of Nun. (KJV)

The chapter of 1 Kg 17 begins with "and". This is the first appearance of Elijah. The mention of Joshua sends us back to 1 Sam 6-7. The Ark had been captured by the Phillistines. It was retaken and placed in a temporary house of one of the Priests for 20 years, then Samuel brought it back to the tent. In the days of Solomon, it was placed in the temple (House of God) in Jerusalem.

1 Sam 6:14
14 And the cart came into the field of Joshua, a Bethshemite, and stood there, where there was a great stone: and they clave the wood of the cart, and offered the kine a burnt offering unto the LORD. (KJV)

So, then my mind swings to the wording in the last of the prophets, Malachi, which says that the Lord will send agan Elijah.

Mal 4:5
5 Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD: (KJV)

Prophet is
5030 nabiy'-
a spokesman, a speaker, a prophet
a) a prophet
b) a false prophet
c) a heathen prophet

Mal 4:6
6 And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.(KJV) The two Fathers are Father and Satan. (John 8:44)

It is interesting to note that the word "prophet" includes both true and false.

Also interesting is the true and false prophets of Rev 11. There are two "fathers" a true and a false, just like Elijah proved with the baal sacrifice. Hence, the fire from heaven is to come again, whether by Elijah, or one of the Elect.

I guess the conclusion of "where Elijah came from" is that God called and sent Him. He was a flesh man.

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