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Acceptance of Cain's sacrifice
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Cain and Abel's Sacrifices 

>>>What is your opinion on why Cain's sacrifice was not acceptable>>>
Hi Charles:
You need to look at the further lesson in Gen 3 which was God's Personal instruction on acceptable sin offerings which He showed Adam.

For me it explained the difference in God's acceptance of Cain and Abel's offerings.

First, consider Gen 3:21, where God made coats of skin as a 'kaphar' for Adam & Eve's sin.

It does not take too much thinking to realize those animals could not have donated their skins without losing both their lives and their blood.

Now, also realize that this was the first DEATH Adam had ever witnesed. Here was some of his little animal buddies giving their life for his sin.

Can you see the vicarious sacrifice prophecy of Jesus yet?

I can imagine it made a big impact on Adam. So much that He surely told the boys what God expected. For me, that is sufficient information to know why Abel knew what was an acceptable sacrifice, and also how to do it.

If Cain had not known there would be no transgression, for it is written:

John 9:41
41        Jesus said unto them, If ye were blind, ye should have no sin: but now ye say, We see; therefore your sin remaineth.(KJV)

Hence, Cain also certainly knew what God required, but either had no animals, or didn't want to part with them. He just wanted to do it his way, just like his offspring does today..

There is nothing new under the sun...

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