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Who am I?
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Who am I ?

I was asked a question about who I am.  I am no one special.  I have no 'church' nor do I have an agenda, unless it be to wake some folks up.

I have been going at this for a long while now.  I am 65.   Quite a few years ago, I was a Baptist associate preacher. Back then, the local associations tried to coordinate the teaching of their churches, sending out a "guide" with sample sermons. Finally, I just refused to use them as they were total pablum, and began a line-by-line teaching from the Word. It was not long until the congregation began to complain, I began to use the Strong's, found out the cemetery I was attending was mostly wrong, and well- I quit. 
Upon reflection, yes,  I actually learned HOW to study by listening to the Shepherd's Chapel, beginning in 1984. After a few years I realized the Kingdom of God was many-membered, and not all located in one place.  All things are not for one persuasion, except in the Love and Grace of Christ.  Unity is found only there, for Father's Word is not furthered by contention. 
I am also familiar with Lance Knight and his teaching.  There are a few more, with different callings, but, no, I have no connection with any other person or organization except with Yashua.  I consider myself a student, just like everyone else.  
I am positive, more than anything else, that Faith is the most needed ingredient in the Kingdom of God.  It always has been, and it is the ONLY way for us to make "His Kingdom Come".  Faith is not a 'gift' from God.  Faith is the gift from inside us to the Kingdom.  He has given us His written "Will" and His Grace.  As He said, "My Grace is sufficient".  Believe it.  We must do the rest. 

So to Sabbath, now I have a website, a small study group, a nursing home ministry, and the 'christian' posting boards. I sure love to tweek students, especially preachers.  You never know, just maybe one will come out of babylon.

Thanks for the e-mail.  May Father continue to bless us as we study together.

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