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7 women
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What is this about 7 women grabbing one man's skirt?

Lorraine has the follwing question/Statement.  In regards to Isaiah 4:1.

1) And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach.  I've written a note to myself in the margin of my KJV in pink. That pink ink means that I made the note while studying Isaiah by cassette tape...tapes I no longer have as I passed them on to another student a while ago. The note says: "This verse is speaking of Christ, the one Man, and the seven women are the Elect." Would you agree with that and, if so, ........>>

The problem I have with this interpretation, is that if these are the Elect and Y'Shua, then there is an apparent conflict, for the Word clearly states in Isaiah 3:10, (where the day being spoken of is mentioned, that the Elect will not be needful of any thing.) Also in Isa14:30, Psa 23, 111:5, Matt 6:11, Rev 3:4, 7:14-17, and 16:15, that our food and garments are provided by Y'Shua's Word, and they will not have to be begged for. He will keep His Word. He knows our needs before we ask. Also, we will not have to wait 'until that day' to have our reproach removed.

The problem remains, therefore, as to who the 'seven women' and the man are.

My belief is that the man is one of the Elect, and the seven are 'cemetery'-taught "fly-aways".

Actually,the "day" being spoken of really begins with 3:1. It is 'the day of the Lord', the last day of this earth age. Chapter 4 continues the subject, apparently to the beginning of the millenium. I believe the 'women' are the same as the 5 'foolish' virgins 'christians' who fell away (Matt 25), because the time period being discussed in Isa 3 is just PRIOR to the millenium, and in chapter 4:1-2 , the millenium appears to be the subject.

In Matt 25, the virgins asked for oil, or "truth", and were denied it. BUT, we know that as the millenium begins, full knowledge will be upon every soul. Thus then these cemetery taught persons will know all the Word, and not as taught by the cemeteries. THEN The full meaning of Eze 44: 24-25 will be known to all as well. We see there (in Eze) that for 'sisters' who have no "husband", the Elect can defile themselves.

That is, they can help them thru the millenium, and thus help them avoid Satan's last


Thus the 'seven women' wish to be 'sisters' or relatives "known by his name" of the Elect, such that they are eligible for millenial assistance, provided they can con one of the Elect into doing it. Thus, their offer to eat their own 'bitter' bread and wear their own spotted garments "bear their own reproach for the 1000 years.", if he (the Elect one) will help them avoid being taken in again by satan.

Strange? Comments welcome and appreciated.

In Y'Shua


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