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Biblical Numerics applied to 9\11

Biblical Numerics applied to the WTC disaster


Many students of prophecy I have talked to, as well as others familiar with who Israel truly is have both suspected and verbally indicated a sense of realization that the events of 9\11\2001 were not just an act of desperation by terrorists, but something deeper. In particular, since all of them share a belief that nothing happens by chance, their faith is that Father is surely in control of world events, and certainly the wtc tragedy.

The towers that were destroyed represented one of the key dynasties of the world, the economy. The towers harbored the nerve center of the international monetary fund as well as many of the associated organizations such as the world bank, and UN charter agencies. Many of the key players of the stock markets of the world, as well as those companies who made much of their wealth trading and speculating in all manner of commodities.

In Revelation, as early as chapter 6, we are given a glimpse of the horseman bringing famine (vv 5&6), and in chapter 18 we are given a close up of the wailing as the Babylonian economic system is finally destroyed.

Finally, since Father has a long history of warning His people, and is long suffering toward them before finally bringing total judgment, there is I believe more to be learned.



Number in Scripture by E W Bullinger pub. Kreugel 1967

Biblical Mathematics by Ed Vallowe pub. E Vallowe evangelistic assoc. 1992

A quote from Bullinger, pp20.

“In Daniel 8, verse 13 we read ‘Then I heard one saint speaking, and another saint said unto that certain saint which spake, How long shall be the vision concerning the daily sacrifice, anf the transgression, etc’?

Here, a revelation of a certain future prophetic event was made to Daniel, by a certain saint or ’holy one’, ie a holy angel; and another angel asked a question concerning numbers -- ’how long, etc? The name of “that certain saint is given in the Hebrew text, and is placed in the margin, with its meaning. His name is Palmoni , and it means “the numberer of secrets, or the wonderful numberer”.”

For those with a companion Bible, Bullinger mentions this in his notes on Dan 8:13. It is also noteworthy that this name meaning ‘wonderful numberer’ is used again in Jg 13:18, Isa 9:6 (refers to Yashua!) (recall-- “even the hairs of your head are numbered?”) and also in Psa 139:6. A total of four times, and four in numerics is for Father’s creative works, the earth, material completeness, and thus the world number.

Now, continuing to quote Bullinger same page, 20:

“So there is one holy angel, at least, whose function has to do with numbers. Numbers therefore, and their secrets, hold an important place in the words as well as in the Works of God. ‘A wonderful numberer (Palmoni) presides over them, and has his place in making known the things of God. This certainly looks like design; and, if so-- if not only the “days” which revealed events shall take place are numbered, but the words also themselves are numbered-- then we shall have a great and wondrous proof of the Divine, verbal, and even literal inspiration of the Word of God.

Prov. 25:2 “It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honor of kings to search out a matter”

In searching out, therefore, the secrets of the Word of God, we are doing not only a royal, but an honorable work”.

Now--back to the subject, 9/11/2001. The gist of the following is that there is numerical significance in the numbers of the date, and I believe also in other numbers having to do with the measurements of the buildings as well as the flight numbers, although that will be in a later post on this website.

For those with the companion Bible, a simplified detail of the first few numbers are in appendix 10.

God’s judgment is indicated by the first date number, nine. In Bullinger , the main meaning given for nine is “the number of finality, or judgment” Vallowe’s book also has this meaning, but adds “fruit of the Spirit”. Both go into much detail on sums and factors of the number such as three, which means “resurrection, divine completeness and perfection”.

The second date number, eleven, is defined in both books as essentially “disorder, disorganization, imperfection and disintegration.”

The third date number, 2001, requires factoring to determine it’s components. For those without a math background, suffice it to say that basically this consists of finding the least common multiples into which the number can be divided.

In mathematics, there are numbers which are called prime numbers. A prime number, simply stated, is a number which cannot be divided to yield a whole number (not a fraction) by any number other than itself, and of course the number one. Any number can be divided by one, but the answer is the same as before the division. Similarly, any number can be divided by itself, but the answer is always one., no matter what number you start with. In a sense, then prime numbers are a special case.

The first number nine in the date above is not a prime number, since it can be divided by 3. The number 11 is a prime number, since it can be integrally divided by only 1 and itself. We will shortly find that the third number, 2001 can be factored yielding three prime numbers. This makes a total of FOUR prime numbers in the date, 9\11\2001. From both Bullinger and Vallowe, four is the number of the earth, material completeness and creative works of both man and God..

The number 2001 can be factored into ONLY three numbers, all of which are prime numbers. They are: 3, 23 and 29. This can be seen by multiplying the numbers together (3x23x29) = 2001. These three numbers are the mathematical roots of the number 2001, and as such they are the least common factors of the number.

These numbers from Vallowe are : 3 “perfection”. 23: “death“, and 29: “departure”.

From Bullinger: 3: “solid, real, complete and entire” 23: “the combination of 20, expectation, and 3, complete”. 29, “the combination of 20, expectation, and 9, judgment”

There is more. 3x23 = 69. 60+9=69. These factors, 60 and 9, are the combination of 9, the number of judgment, and 60, which is (2x5) = 10 times man’s number, six, and also as we recall, the height of Neb’s tower in Daniel 3.

Also, 3x29 = 87. From Bullinger, page 196, eight and seven together represent, among other things, Gods covenant with Abraham, Joseph‘s communications with his brothers, the stripes in Ezekiel‘s temple, and the furnishings of Solomon's temple.

Finally, 23x29=667. Is this God’s number, 7, tacked onto the number 66, which also happens to be the width and height of neb's tower.  66 is 6x11, the numbers of man and disorganization? Or is it more??

There is even more to 9\11\2001. The first eleven prime numbers are: 1,2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19,23,29. Notice that they are ALL present either directly or in factors of the above date, 9\11\2001. As before, 11 means disorder, disorganization, imperfection and disintegration.

Further, if we add 9+11+2001, we get 2021. 2021 can be factored into only 2 prime numbers, 43 and 47. (43x47) = 2021. Of course 40 is the number of probation, or testing, and 3 is completeness, while 7 represents rest, or Sabbath.

Beloved, be extremely careful what you make of numbers. I believe their study is quite useful, as shown in the “70 weeks of Daniel “ study. Numbers do not lie, but liars can number.

Father’s love to you


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