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10 Virgins
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10 has a meaning--


In Matt 25, Jesus presents a parable that is not often studied in depth. We will study this parable using the context that is continued from Matt 24, as there is no break in the subject matter. Jesus continues addressing the questions asked Him in Matt 24:3, namely, the time of the return, and the end of the age. That this approach is justified, you can easily see from 25:13 and 31. I believe Jesus is expounding on Isaiah chapter 54 in this parable.

In this parable the subjects are A) VIRGINS, BOTH WISE AND FOOLISH: The wise are exemplified in 1 COR 11:3, REV 14:4, The Song of Solomon, and the entire chapter of Isaiah 54.

The foolish virgins are found in Luke 23:28-29, Matt 24:19, 24:38, REV 17, see esp. verses 1 and 18, Eze 16:2-18, and Gen 6:1-4.

Another subject of this parable is B) OIL. This subject should cause little controversy. It is symbolic of the WORD of God in virtually every passage it is used in. SEE EX 25:6, 27:20, LEV 24:2-4, NUM 4:16, 1 CHR 9:30, PS 23:5; It is used for the anointing of God's people in the last times as well, and serves as their protection. Satan is specifically instructed not to touch the anointed PS 105:15, REV 6:6.

A third subject is C) the coming of the Bridegroom. Note that all ten of the 'virgins' were apparently waiting on Him, slumbering, as it is said. The foolish ones took none of the Word with them (oil), but were just waiting. As a result, their oil was "used up" by the time it was needed. They were told to "go to them that sell, and buy for yourself".

These two Greek words translated "buy" and "sell" are used together in three additional places in God's WORD. The places are Mk 11:15, LK 22:36, and Rev 13:17.

The fourth main subject is D) REJECTION: This is seen in 25: 10-13. This is brought forth in the other parables in this chapter as well, see verses 30, 41. Reference also Matt 7:22-23, and Rev 17 and 18.

Thus the five wise (ALL WISDOM COMES FROM GOD) virgins are found in the number described in Rev 20:4-6, while the foolish are in Rev 20:12, judged by their millennial works

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