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Eighth Day
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Think About This--

Hi fellow students. Let us all think for a while about the creation. For sure, it is not precisely written that ha 'Adam (THE man) was formed on the "eighth" day. It is, however, equally true that other things we accept such as the characteristics of the "mark of the beast" are not all written. There are many things we believe because we feel the Word has shown us, or someone has shown it to us by the Word, as well as satisfying our common sense. Let's start there, with the Word, common sense and logic.

First, it seems that the Adam God placed in the garden could not have been the same individual(s) He was talking to and blessing in Gen 1. This is obvious because the instructions He gave to them were different than those He gave in chapter 2 to ha’adham. The fact that they of chapter 1 obviously had mates is also evident. It is as strange to put forth that God only made one man at the first as it is that he only made one tree, one blade of grass, one fish or one of each animal.

Secondly, as we consider the days, ask whether they were literal days or the 1000-year variety. Either way, if we say ha'adham was formed on the sixth day, we have a problem. For if we presume they were 1000-year days and Adam was formed on the sixth day, then by the end of the seventh day, he would already be 1000 years old. Now, if we assume the days were literal ones, and the tree bearing seed, fish and animals were food, then after one fish or animal was eaten, whoops, there goes the pair. no breeding, no little ones. Someone may say, "well, God foresaw this possibility after he had a literal day to think about it, so he planted a garden next day and put his man in it, so he would have plenty of food." Well, now, if that was the case, God had to change his Word, because he had just given the man ALL the trees for food. Is this possible that Father would have to change His Word? I think not.

You can continue this line of reasoning and yet arrive at any conclusion you care to. For me, yes, I am convinced Father FORMED ha'adham more than 1000 years after He had first made man on the earth. Ha'adham was a big part of His plan, just like we are.


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