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CAUTION-- NEVER take any mans word for what Father's Word says.  Check them out for yourself.  You may, however, copy or use anything you find here.  If you like it give Father the credit.  If not, then give me the blame.

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The 1611 KJV Letter

Then Came Amalek (8/05)

Study aid to the book of Isaiah by Chapter & Verse

Who is the 'he' of Daniel 9:27, and other dangers of the "rapture"

Daniel's 70 Weeks, it's different! (updated 8/24/04)

Chart of the times of Daniel

The Duration of Christ's Ministry (updated 2/06/04)

Where is the Temple that the beast will sit in?

"All Our Yesterdays"... a link

The Communion of Sevens,...A work in progress

Hebrew Word Pictures

Thy Kingdom Come... it's our job now

The 2 Witnesses and the Kingdom of God---Part 6 added 6/17/04

The Mark of the Beast, a study

The Mystery of the Bride of Christ 6/2/04

Seals, Trumps and Vials


Is there a Conspiracy?

Some more on the Tares

Job-the Elect

Why 153 Fish?

The Numerics of 9\11\01

Christian Terrorists

Knowing Your Enemy

Some of Satan's Tricks

The Hidden meaning of the Resurection of Lazarus

Understanding First Thess chapt 4

The Rapture of the Wicked

Finding Strength to Stand in the Latter Days

Was Christ Forsaken?-- & False teaching of Man

Things that Were (things part 1)

Things that Cause (things part 2)

Things that Are (things part 3)

Things that come (things part 4)

Biblical Creation (part 1)

Biblical Creation (part 2)

Biblical Creation (part 3)

Biblical Creation (part 4)

Biblical Creation (part 5)

Biblical Creation (part 6)

Three Ages of Love

The Marks of Israel


Isaiah 6, a MUST read

The Harvest

TWO Tribulations

The Uniqueness of Father

The 10 Virgins

About Speaking in Tongues...

The Second Coming/Mark 13

Adam's Sin


Hope You Enjoy--More to come

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