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Adam's Sin
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Adams Sin

Adams Sin

Now, begin with this passage from Romans 5:13 "For until the law sin was in the world: but sin is not imputed when there is no law."

? Thus, how could God charge them (as man says) with the sin-to-be of (physical) adultery, when He had not lain down any law other than "BELIEVE GOD"?

Hence, I feel Eve's SIN was not**sexual.  However, the sin did RESULT in physical adultery, and Eve's conception of the twin priest-lines. (the true and the false) **(inserted Note: 6/04-- See the "Mystery of the Bride of Christ" in the study section for more detail) 

That said, their first sin must have simply been UNBELIEF in the Word of God. (Y'Shua is the Living Word). There is lots of that unbelief today.

There is, as many know, a special word used in Gen 2:5, translated "till", as in till the ground. This Heb. word is 'abad', also meaning 'bondservant, worshipper". Adam was formed to be the same sort of 'bondservant' as Abraham, Aaron, Samuel, Elijah, and even Paul and the Apostles.

Hence, Adam was the first in a line of PRIESTS. He was the first, but not the last priest to exhibit unbelief. (Abraham had PLENTY of unbelief, but that's another story) That Adam was without sin is written in Gen 3, "they were without knowledge of evil." (Ye shall become as gods, knowing good and evil) One may also look to Lk 3:38, Y'Shua's geneology, to note that Adam was the son of God. So was Y'Shua. Y'Shua, himself, reminded many that can see of this fact by frequently calling Himself the 'son of man' . (son of adam) Now I know the greek word is not the same as the Heb. HaA'dom, but I believe it was intended in that vein. Y'Shua succeeded in His priesthood, whereas Adam failed.

Now, the trait of mankind which worried many of the OT priests (who knew what evil was) was evidently the same one Adam was not privy to, since before his unbelief, Adam could not know that unbelief WAS even possible. We are shown time and time again in the OT that the job of the Levitical priests was to keep their flock from evil. They sacrificed for their 'flocks'. They petitioned God daily to forgive them.

Adam had apparently NOT done his job as God's priest. He had not convinced Eve that God was to be believed. Period. Further, he was not doing his God-intended job of "watching over his flock" (Eve), else he would have been there when slewfoot came around. They were apparently too busy enjoying life in Eden.

We should also realize that Adam was Elect. God personally chose THAT particular soul to be the first. Think about it.

Eve's sin? Triple transgression. 1) against the words of her "lord" (baal, husband, priest), Adam, leading to sex with satan. and 2) It is clear that Eve was specifically told by Adam to avoid satan, for she KNEW God had said "don't touch (naga- Heb, another interesting word) THAT tree." (and she was not around when God said it) and, 3) As a follower of slewfoot's words, (a KNOWING disciple of satan) tempting and convincing Adam to "naga" the tree.

Now see 2 Tim 2:14: "And Adam was not decieved, but the woman being decieved

was in transgression."

Paul writes pretty deeply here. If you will insert the words "by Satan" after the words 'decieved' in the verse above, it will be a little clearer. In other words, Adam was around the "naga tree" for sometime before Eve was given to him. He apparently kicked slewfoot's ashtray pretty good during this time, because slewfoot didn't succeed in deceiving Adam directly. We know slewfoot tried plenty with the second Adam when He was alone in the wilderness. (See Lk 4 and Matt 4) Though it is not written, it makes a great 'why not' to believe slewfoot tried (and failed) to tempt the first Adam, too, when he was alone in Eden.

Here is a lesson-- Satan can get to God's Elect thru their loved ones. Y'Shua said--

"He who loves me less than father or mother or etc cannot be my disciple." (paraphrased--See Lk 14:26-27). As Y'Shua's disciples, we ABSOLUTELY MUST correct any misguidance of our loved ones, or at least, not follow them when we know better. And, as God's disciples, we know better. No excuses. Especially in this day and age.

So-- Adams "fall" was "loving" (accepting as truth) the secondhand words of satan as spouted by his wife, Eve, more than the firsthand words from God's mouth. (Gen 3:17- "because you listened to your wife....) Adam thus 'partook' of the 'Fruit" (words ?) of the nagatree secondhand, whereas he had (probably) often refused them when the nagatree personally offered them earlier. Recalling the story of Job, (a figure of the Elect) we see Job rejected his wife's advice to "curse God and die".

Now, let me give you another reason why I think of Adam as the first flesh priest.

It is right here, after the sin, that animal sacrifice is introduced by God himself. This animal sacrifice was taught to Adam, as priest, and passed on to the boys Cain and Abel.

We know, for example, that up until the crucifixion of Y'Shua, forgiveness of sin

required a blood sacrifice. True, you say, but the law was not yet given about the blood sacrifice! Yes it was, my friend. It was not only previously written, it was also demonstrated by God Himself. look at Gen 3:21:

"Unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD God make coats of skins, and clothed them."

Do you think for a moment that those animals gave up their skins without losing both their lives and their blood? Thus, in plain sight it is written right here that God Himself showed Adam and Eve the (then) acceptable requirement for forgiveness. In this case it (the sacrifice) was both a physical "covering" as well as a spiritual one acceptable to God. Now think for just a moment. Can you imagine what an impression this act must have made on Adam and Eve? They had NEVER seen ANY death up till this time, yet here is some totally innocent being shedding it's blood for THEIR sins. In fact, probably their favorite little household pet lamb. Does this remind you of something? It should remind you our Y'Shua who came through Adam and Eve's offspring to pay for all of the sins of all mankind. With His blood.

Surely, this act was related by both Adam and Eve to Cain and Abel. Thus both the boys knew what God expected, but Abel alone believed. He (Abel) did it just right (Gen 4:4). Cain wanted to do it his own way. Cain felt, just like his progeny the Kenites feel today, that whenever the WORD of God doesn't agree with what they think then they are right and God is wrong.

By the way- This is also the reason Cain's sacrifice was not acceptable. It IS written.. Praise Y'Shua.


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