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Knowing your enemy
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Knowing your Enemy

Knowing your enemy, or When was Satan a murderer?

Virtually all of the Christians of this age can easily accept that Satan is a murderer, defacto, and readily blame him for all murders. The amazing thing is, I have not been able to find a story written in the Bible we now have that names him as a murderer. I cannot find it written anywhere that Satan himself ever once "pulled the trigger". All murders contributed to him are instead shown to be actually done by his children.(both the physical "children" and the spiritual ones). There is no doubt that Satan represents in the mind of most the absolute epitome of all evil, and with that I agree completely. There is however, more to the story. The recorded statement of Yahshua in Jn 8:44 no doubt is one of the prime sources to which we attribute the fact that Satan (himself) is indeed a murderer. It is not written, however, except in man's tradition, that he himself actually pulled the trigger, as of YET.

What I am about to state can be easily misunderstood unless you follow through with the thinking. Yashua's statement in Jn 8:44 is of course true. The question naturally arises as to the second witness in the Word. As it turns out it IS there, but not in the books from Genesis to Jude. It is in Rev 11, where the two individuals (witnesses) are slain by him.

There is for some, a third witness as well. Yashua says "he was a murderer from the

beginning". Now the beginning I feel was the first age, about which we have only glimpses as the Spirit allows. We find a written glimpse of this first earth age in Jer 4. At Satan's first rebellion he was then apparently a murderer defacto. In His conversation with the "pharisees", Yashua pointed out for us the fact that they (the pharisees) were of Cain, the first murderer of record in THIS earth age. We all know Cain as Satan's firstborn. Hence, Satan is apparently hiding behind the letter of Fathers Word as in Eze 18: "the sons are not responsible for the deeds of their father, nor a father the sons. Each man shall answer for his own sins" (paraphrased)

God knows the hearts of all His children. Satan's heart (mind) is full of murder, rebellion to God, and deceit to and for all of God's children.

The mistake which the world makes, however, is in not understanding the deceptive nature of Satan. They picture him as evil and sinister, with horns and etc. We chuckle at that, but just perhaps, it is smugness to know him as a "pretty boy" and know also he is coming first as false jesus to deceive the world. In this it is written, that the very elect will not be deceived. I use the word smugness, above, for there are denominations which also have the "pretty boy first" knowledge. Among them are the 7th day Adventists, the Jehovah's Witnesses, the Mormons, and the Missouri Synod of Lutherans. "Pretty boy first" knowledge is not therefore sufficient in itself to keep from being deceived.

Murder is the most heinous of sins. It is written in Yashua's own words in Matt 5:23-24, that prior to taking thy gift to the altar, be resolved first with thy brother. If one has

murdered his brother, then it is obvious that no resolution is possible on this earth. The murderer must face his victim before the throne of God, the Judge. This Word, of course is equally true for David, Moses, and others who premeditated murder.

Regarding the deception to come, most realize that this spiritual battle with Satan will be deception versus truth. Before we even get a chance at the spiritual battle, however, we will have to go through a very physical one. This physical battle will be against our own neighbors and even our family, as Yashua warned. Men will kill you as they get the chance, for both your beliefs and your meager possessions. Friends will report you for reward for disobeying the "lawful" orders of the NWO, which could very well represent the final stand of the "king of babylon".

Be warned that this physical battle itself is only a tactic by Satan's children. God will protect His Elect during that time, as he promised, provided you are obeying the laws of the your earthly kings, as Daniel did. This (physical battle) is only a drill, a dress rehearsal for obedience, and a diversion by Satan's children. Our time to stand is not yet.

This time of this physical, destructive "flood" will be over soon. Then we have the arrival of our enemy, Satan himself, bringing the "flood" of lies, peace to the earth, and being accepted as savior by the world. His arrival will begin the time of the 5 month retreat of the flood waters. (follow the story of the months in Gen 7-8)

This is the time we were placed here for. Don't be in a hurry to raise your head against the powers of the earth and let some mere man cut it off. Some have a much better destiny than that. Remember in the Word, that it is man who does Satans deeds. The deceptions of Satan will indeed captivate the world. Paul warns us that Satan holds the power of death.

(Heb 2:14). And, as we read in Job, though a man would willingly die, death does not come. Satan has held it back, as God told him too. There will be no more flesh death after Satan appears defacto, either, for it is written in Rev 9:6. This is a perfect deception on the unknowing. As Satan withholds death, all the "churchies" will just "know" "jesus" is here.

No one will die.

Finally, we can surely be certain that Satan has read the end of the Book. He knows his only chance lies in his futile attempt to prove God's Word wrong. Perhaps to change at least the end of the book, thereby negating it all. He has certainly read the part where he kills the 2 witnesses. Now, since Father has written that he WILL murder the two, he WILL, of course do it. BUT, do you think he BELIEVES he will? Do you think that with his pride and intelligence, he actually PLANS on doing it? No way. He knows it's all over then. Kaput. He will try at all costs to delay this deed, in the hope he can get one of the Elect to fall away to him. That is one of his alternatives, for Father also says that will not happen. Now I ask you to think a minute. If Satan, posing as "jesus" murdered the elect, or anyone else for that matter, would he then be able to deceive even the "churchies"? In fact if ANYONE died on his watch, he would be exposed as a fake.

To continue to deceive anyone, he must not provide even the slightest indication that his character is any different from MANS perception of the real Jesus. Now he will be squarely perched on the horns of a dilemma. He knows the Elect know who he is. Not only that, but he knows and remembers each of them, personally, from a very long time ago. His only hope is to get one, while they are in this weakened state of flesh blindness, to fall away to him. If he can, he will not need to kill the 2 witnesses. He therefore does not WANT them out of the flesh. He could not have a chance at deceiving them then

The Elect are standing witnesses against him, led by the two individual cheerleaders who are not only defying him openly, but are bringing destructive plagues on his peaceful world. Another thorn in his side are the daily enquiries about these plagues being fielded by the deceived sheeple. He is picking at the Elect daily, questioning them and being met by slaps in the face by the Holy Spirit, speaking through them in unison. Satan will stand it till he can't stand it anymore. Be proud and praise Father, for it is precisely because none of the Elect fall, that Satan is finally forced to kill the two, becoming murderer defacto. This happens with the approval of the "churchies" and in the pretense of destroying the "evil" of their plagues from the earth. The "stand" by the Elect fulfills Father's Word as written, and forces Satan to revert to plan B, that of scheming to win the final battle after the millenium. Praise God, Father will fight that one for us. We have the victory, for we also have read the end of the Book. And,of course, we BELIEVE.

The important thing here is that Satan first becomes a murderer in this age, defacto, when he kills the two. Father's Word is then sealed . Satan indeed is the father of all murderers, but like a mafia don, he has been "squeaky clean" up until then, at least in this age.

As we feed at the banquet of Father's Word, we must be careful not to treat it as a buffet, choosing only those things we particularly savour: For in doing so we pass over the hidden vitamins and minerals so necessary for our spiritual growth. When He passed the cup of salvation around at that supper, remember what He said. "Take, and drink ye ALL of it."

Blessings In Yashua


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