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If you like to study, you may like the following sites.  Remember that there is a diversity of opinion out in the world.  Measure only with the Word.  I do not necessarily agree with or endorse the views of any of the sites on this page.  You may ask  "well why list them then?"  In answer, I say that the job of a watchman is to watch.  If you don't watch and judge the actions of the god of the world, you surely will not see anything fulfilled until the time comes for all to "see".  One does not want to be in that condition.

Bible Study Sites: other opinions 

Church of the Rain

The Season

Kings Chapel

The Watchman (Jewish Torah Studies}

American Wisdom Series

Watch unto Prayer

Proclamation, Invitation & Warning

Last Trumpet Ministries

Let God Be

Prophetic Revelation

News sites worth watching 

Break for News

Rumor Mill News

World Net Daily

What Does It Mean?

Chuck Muth News and Views

Christian Media Research

Virginia Publishing

Christian News Daily

Issue Action News

Independent News Break

Universal Currency Converter

News clips from Jack Van Impe

Here I  include links to some postings which are interesting to think about.  For example Our Father appeared to Ezekiel in a strange (to us) vehicle.

The Bible/UFO connection

Star gods/Nephilim? Check it out

It's Your Choice:  You can Watch now or See later