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The Age of the earth
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Question on the age of the Earth and Sun

Randy writes:

I hope you can clarify on my question.  I have asked for wisdom in Yashua Jesus Christ's name.

Genesis 1:16 says that God created the sun and the moon and set them in the firmament.  That was on the 4th day or 2000 years before the 6th day adam.

Genesis 1:11 says He created the grass, herb yielding seed and the fruit tree.  (Before the Sun was created).

If God has certain rules and laws (such as gravity) which he adheres to.  My question is if the sun wasn't created until the 4th day then how did the plants live without photosynthesis which seems to be one of God's natural laws.

Also, there were plants and flesh animals in the first earth age, if there was no sun, how did they continue to live.

Is the Earth Millions of years old and yet the Sun is only 10,000 years old?


Hi Randy:

Yep we in the flesh have a hard time understanding when we are limited to using our flesh minds.

Your problem is not too dificult when we put on the thoughts of the Word.  For example, in Jn 1, it is specific there that Yashua was always and is, the light of theWorld.  Spiritually, that is before we (and all)  flesh creatures were created, we lived in Yashua. After the overthrow in Gen 1:2, the first thing we see is LIGHT being brought to bear on the darkness.  All of His creation, even the earth and all things physical, were nurtured by His light, which was even from the beginning.  Misunderstanding this is a main reason why evolutionists are adamant on the billions of year earth thing, and disregard the truth because they see not with spiritual eyes.  

The thing is, they are indeed correct.  The earth is billions of years old, but the light energy from the sun only began  to substitute for the light of Yashua (the Son),  in the past 12,000 years or so. The plants and animals would need the sun.  The main reason radiocarbon dating is so confused, is that the evolutionists assume the sun has been around for the full age of the rock, that is billions of years.  But, in fact it has not been around that long.  Far from it.

As for the trees with fruit, recall the two special 'trees' God placed in the garden.  These were not physical trees as we think.  They were Yashua and Satan.  They had existed long before, on the Light of the Son.

Hope this helps

Keep thinking Randy.  Yashua Bless.


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