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things part 4
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Things that come (things part 4)

Things 4

Things that Come

In Part 1, we left the Children of Israel as they were beginning their Exodus from Egypt, and took a secular 'time out' to examine an interesting treatise by the Jewish author I. Velikovsky, as to what these miracles may well have been, and been caused by. You may also recall that I mentioned the statement in Amos and Zechariah where they make reference to the 'earthquake' which occurred during the 'days of Uzziah'. At the time, I suggested that you should look up this word, 'earthquake', for it is more than just an earthquake. Whatever happened at those times, and even earlier during the Exodus, it is patently obvious to me that these disruptions occurred over a prolonged period of time, and also in greatly separated geographic areas. Recall, for example, how Rahab, some 40 years AFTER the Exodus KNEW what mighty works had delivered the Israelites, and was ready to bow before the Almighty One. Recall, how the great kings of the cities fled from the Israelites. It was a disruption alright. One that would severely impress even the heathen, and put fear in them.

By the way, notice this. The 'tribulation' came on the whole world. The children of ISRAEL, (those) iysh and iysha (who) rule with God, went thru the midst of it and were protected in His right hand, while His left hand beckoned to the powers to come forth.

As it was, so shall it be...

In Part 1, I also tried to describe, in terms as modern as possible, the similarities between the conditions our people were in then, and are in even now. A different physical Egypt to be sure, but Egypt nontheless. Since this part is about things to come, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the Word says that "this mighty hand" will come forth again, and that Israel will be again protected. Look for example at Deu 4:34, and 26:8. This is the hand at work during the Exodus. Now read Eze 20:33-38. This is the mighty hand that is promised for us. Peter, in 1 Pet 5:6-7, tells us (look who he was writing to 1 Pet 1:1) to expect this mighty hand again, and to also cast our cares on Him at that time. What a message of Peace and Love!! The point is, it's coming again, the same mighty hand, prophesied by Eze and remembered to us by Peter. As it was, so shall it be....

Now, like all children, we want to know when to expect this. Most are taught that we can "know not the time", because Y'Shua himself said so. The statement made by Y'Shua can be best understood in the sense of salvation, as was discussed in Part 3. I personally do not believe that this is the reason Y'Shua spoke those words. I believe the Word is correct in Rev 11, where it says that 'their dead bodies lie in the street 3 1/2 days until their 'resurrection'. Their resurrection (putting off this flesh) will be at the same time as everyone else. Thus can't we set our clocks for 3 1/2 days after they are slain? Of course we can. We then know the time, at least 3 1/2 days in advance. Can we know earlier than this? I believe we can.

We can also read the signs, and compare the times to the times that were. We should always trust to the Word as the final authority, BUT, we must also realize that the Word is written for everyone whether or not they comprehend it. There are many brilliant and observant authors in the world who prophesy about and write about this earth. We must be intelligent enough to discern the truth kernals in those things the world writes about. I have found that when subjects which are dear to our Father are discussed, if we interpret them with a spiritual eye, we often gain an insight which helps us understand passages which have been riddles for generations.

Secular sign #1--

I believe, as most of you do, that Jacobs two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh represent modern Great Britain and the US, respectively. Therefore, when articles appear which have to do with British Royalty, I pay attention. E Raymond Capt, in several of his books, expounds that the 'sceptre of David' , which the Word says will "never depart from Judah, until Shiloh come", is held in fact, by the modern "House of Windsor", and is presently in the hand of Queen Elizabeth. If you have noticed, there is much discussion in England of 'doing away with' the "Royal Kingdom". This will never happen, for man cannot do away with that which the Lord has ordained. But the fact that noise is being made is a clue to the lateness of the hour. This story is made more intriguing by Frederic Haberman's book "Tracing our Ancestors". In the section on the "Throne of David", He makes mention of a conversation between King Edward and the Russian Grand Duke which took place in 1912, at Cannes, when Edward pointed to the young Prince David of Wales, Edward's son, and said "there is the last King of England". Now, if you know your history, you will recall that David never took the throne, as he abdicated it. The throne then fell to David's brother, George, who held it for a few years, but in the 1950's he also abdicated the throne to marry a commoner, whom he greatly loved. The throne then went to his sister, the present Elizabeth. The reason King Edward made such a statement is found in the cryptogram given in St John 21:11, having to do with the 153 'fishes' Peter caught in the net. 153 is the mysterious number of the elect, and was well known to be representative of the generations of the king line by the English aristocracy. Frederic Haberman points out that the generation of Princes David and George, as well as their sister Elizabeth, represent the 153 rd generation of Kingship, figuring from ADAM. Thus knowing, it is with great interest that I followed the turmoil in England with Princes Charles and Andrew, and the way they, thru 'adultery' , have made themselves more or less ineligible for the Throne. It is with interest that I note also, that Queen Elizabeth has 'set' her own date for retirement. It is on her birthday, 2000 AD. This truly is a sign, for the Word says 'David will not want for a man to sit on the throne.....

Secular sign #2-

In the prophecies of the Catholic church, St Malachy, in the14 th century, generated a list of Popes which he claimed was given to him in a vision, and included all who would serve as 'holy prelates' until Christ would come. This list contained either a prophecy by name, or a prophecy "about" each particular Pope. The interesting thing here is that the Catholics have both tried and succeeded in making this list self-fulfilling, for every pope has adopted the prophesied name or 'feature' in his term. The present Pope was prophesied as being 'from the toil of the Sun', and his ring is designed with a motif of vinyard laborers, with the sun a prominent feature in the scene. The thing that catches your attention about St Malachy's prophesies, however, is that there is ONLY ONE more name on the list. After this present pope, the next one is prophesied to be the LAST. The name given this last one is Peter Romanus, or "Peter of Rome"!! Since and as you well know, the present pope is in bad health, it is time to watch.

One other thing about popes that is worthy of mention. If you review the list of names of popes thru the centuries, you will find that there have been five who have adopted the name 'Sixtus'. If there were another pope who chose to select this name, he would be Pope Sixtus the Sixth!!! (some trivia I thought I would throw in.)

Secular sign #3

The famous 16th century seer Nostradamus, wrote hundreds of 4 line (quatrains) prophecies, which were 'coded' with names and times, supposedly so he would not be arrested in inquisitions as an heretic. Modern persons have 'decoded' his 'prophecies' and have made claims that he was amazingly accurate in his predictions. Some however feel that these modern interpreters, having the advantage of recorded history, 'interpret' his prophecies so that they will better fit history, rather than the other way around. Nevertheless, the method Nostradamus selected to record the times the events would occur, are sometimes astounding. He used astrological alignments, which when transposed into time, would predict the year and month, sometimes even the day, such events would occur. His prophetical clock was the stars and constellations, and were a way of setting prophecies well into the future, some even future to now. Among his prophecies which have come to pass recently, is the failure of Communism in Slavia, (he predicted the 'law of Thomas More' (owning in common) would both come to rule the Slavic peoples, and then would fail. These prophecies were very plain, but no time was mentioned, other that the latter would occur at the 'easter season'. It did. (kinda). He also predicted the breakup of the 'Great Bear' nation (Russia) would begin along the river Dneiper (Ukraine). It did. He predicted that the US and Russia (the 2 brothers of the North!!) would be friends again, "(In the NEW WORLD)". We are, according to our "leaders" in the NWO aren't we?

The ones I have my eye on are the following. Sometime before the year 2000, he predicts,

1) A military unification between the yellow races and the crescent races (China and the Arabs)

2) A meteor of 1 mile diameter will strike earth in the Indian Ocean.

3) After the meteor, the Chinese and the Arabs will attack Turkey, Greece, and Yugoslavia (Bosnia)

4)Russia, Europe, and the US will fight against the Chinese and Arab armies

5)The US will be a victim of subversion (terrorism) with biological weapons, and 'poison waters'.

6) An attempted invasion of the US east coast.

7)Great earthquakes during this time.

We can, through our daily dose of politically correct 'nuse', catch an occasional glimmer of the alignment of China with Iran and Iraq. We do know that biological weapons exist, and they were unheard of in Nostradamus' time. We are aware that our Govt has a program to track asteroids some of which are a mile or more in dia, and which cross earth's orbit at times.

Some stuff to think about, anyway;

Some thoughts:

We all should see the similarities between the conditions of society in the time of the first passover covered in part 1 and the conditions of the society we live in as covered in part 3.

I recently downloaded the article "silent weapons for quiet wars" from its home page address (http// I can say with assurance that whether the claimed source document itself is real or not, the premises within it as well as the theoretical models are mathematically correct, and have in fact been mostly implemented.for some time now. One 'shock' which was planned perfectly, was the market collapse of 10/13/87, when the market dropped over 500 points in several hours. It is also the lessons learned thru this shock that have propelled the market past 5500 as I write this. What sort of a shock, and toWHOM, would a collapse of this market be? Who would win? The ones that know when it will occur. These persons would end up owning all the assets of virtually every insurance company, pension fund, and individual foolish enough to gamble in the market with their assets. Another planned shock was the 'oil' fiasco of the late 70's. It is common knowledge now that there never was a shortage of oil, but the price hasn't came down has it? There are many more coming. First among the next will be a huge contrived "shortage" of grain, which will propel the cost of most food to unheard of heights. We should recognise this for what it is. It is a plan by the mattoids (kenites-mostly) to further enslave the peoples of the world, and the ones with the higher standards of living especially. Especially the ones who can think for themselves. They have recruited their armies. These are the degenerates of society who have lived for generations off of welfare. The homeless who choose not to work, and etc. These will become a majority in the near future, as more of the middle class fade into the woodwork thru lost jobs and failed stockmarkets.

In the US, the first of these 'quiet wars' was announced by FD Roosevelt, when he confiscated gold, and made the US currency the worthless paper it is now, and started 'social insecurity', the FICA we so love. Another was announced by LB Johnson as his 'war on poverty' a part of his 'great society'. If you are old enough to remember life before these, you have my sympathy. It has been plainly placed before us. If you use spiritual eyes, you will rejoice in that this is truly a sign that is quite Biblical, and portends great things for the near future. To me this NWO of the kenites is none other than the 'great babylon' which shall fall in a moment, and the merchants of the earth will lament over. I, for one, will rejoice over it's demise, whether or not I have anything to eat.

I am going very far out on a small limb now. I am going to lay out a scenario which I have only discussed with few.

We can see the discontent that is seething within our people of the US growing more violent. There are lots of groups which are disgusted over the way our king has sold this country down the river to the NWO. More and more people are getting angry over taxes, and are finding out that this country owes more of it's income in usury to the bankers of the NWO than we can ever pay. The citizens of Israel WILL rebel over forced servitude (taxes). They have done it twice before. We can all recall through history the rebellion against the usurious taxes imposed by King George of England in the days just proceeding the revolution which started this great country of the US. The first time, however, is written in the Word in duplicate, perhaps so we would notice. The 12 th chapter of 1 Kings and the 10 th chapter of 2 Chron both tell the story and are virtually identical. It was the taxes to be increased by Solomon's son Rheoboam which split the Israelites into two separate kingdoms. If you read with careful thought, playing 'what if', the story of Solomon and his demise of later years, you may conclude the same thing I did. Solomon was an INTERNATIONALIST. He made treaties with virually everyone he came in contact with, and exacted 'tribute' (taxes) from them. This may be a root cause as to why the Semetic peoples such as the egyptians and arabs hate the jews to this day. Evidently, Solomon's son Rehoboam wished to continue and enlarge upon the world order his father started, and needed even more taxes to do it. Israel rebelled.

They will do so again.

We all should recognise the beast with seven heads and ten horns as nothing more than the New World Order and it's rulers. Ironically, most of these leaders are of Israel, but they know only the god of money. The seven is symbolic of the earth (7 seas, 7 continents), and the 10 horns are the G-10 nations. In case you never were aware, since the Nixon administration, the earth has been divided into ten 'spheres' of economic influence. This is well documented, and can be found in any public library. Today, this is referred to as the G-10. (group of 10) Don't confuse this bunch, (which is GATT, the General Agreement on Tarriffs and Trade) with the G-7. The G-7 has to do strictly with international currency decisions, tho they work together with the other world bodies. Notice the symbol of GATT next time you see it on CNN. It is 5 U's placed one inside the other, even giving the appearance of 10 "horns". Coincidence? Maybe, but maybe it's a sign (of comfort) for some that see.

Now the beast system will never quite come together in total until slewfoot gets kicked out of Heaven by Michael. This is because the "beast" system must get a deadly wound to one of it's heads. This wound will be healed by slewfoot. Hold onto your hat now.

The good ol US will be the "head" that gets the "wound". We have always been the head of the NWO since the "League of Nations" after WW1 (Woodrow Wilson), and the UN after WW2 (FDR and Harry Truman). How will we get the wound? This country will collapse into anarchy against our government. It will happen like it always has before, when enough of our people realize where our 'taxes' are going. Then foreign troops (read UN) will be called to our soil by our own president and congress. The people will start an armed rebellion. The people will win, if you want to call it winning. The one world system will fall apart, since it's "head" is wounded unto death, (read no more financial support) and the so-called UN "rescuers" will look like a disorganized band of cub scouts to the whole world, having to flee for their individual lives. Think about Bosnia. It was only after the US troops went in, that the UN troops could stop running!

The time of the conflict will make the depression of the 30's look like a picnic. People will have little food, little fuel, no electricity, and the idiots who were used to mall shopping will not know how to get any food. Their money will be useless, since there is no government to back up some silly piece of paper. Many will starve. But alas, things will get worse, much worse.

Now that the US armed forces have been given to the UN, we have neither any heavy weapons nor many soldiers here in the US. After the rebellion of the citizenry, we will not have a government, either. Russia (Edom, Esau) (Jacob's brother you recall) The peoples of modern Russia (the RED nation) happen to be of Esau, Jacob's brother. They are Hebrews, but they are not Israel. Esau, you recall, sold his birthright as firstborn to Jacob for a bowl of beans. Esau still depends on Jacob to feed him. Think about all the grain we ship to them even today.

Esau will then attempt to become the new "head" of the NWO. Russia will then organize the troops he can, and begin to march against us, knowing that we have no government to organize any resistance. He will bring many of the UN troops with him against us, coming down the west slope of Alaska, across the Bering sea. This is the fulfillment of Eze 38 and 39. Recall that in Genesis, Esau promised to kill Jacob. It is here that he finally tries after 3500 years. It is also here that GOD destroys five-sixths of him by natural means. We have now been thru the demise of 3 of the four dynasties. The Economic, the Political and the Societal. Get ready for the Religious one.

For the time immediately after the destruction of Gog by our Father, is ALSO the time ol slewfoot will appear, taking credit for being our 'father' who saved us from Esau, and showing his signs and wonders, multiplying the bread and fish, restoring the one world peace system, bringing down lightning from heaven, stopping all flesh death, forgiving all debts, (sins, too?) etc. Man what a scene. Anyway, he will "heal the wound", restarting the system (NWO) giving it a religious nature. (Peace, Peace)

While all this is going on in the US, the rest of the world will be in various states of war and poverty. No doubt "earthquakes" (remember the 'disruption' in the days of Uzziah?) and natural disasters associated with God's destruction of Gog will have affected the whole earth, just like it did when we came out of Egypt. As written in Lk 21, "There will be great signs in the heavens, men's hearts failing them for fear of those things coming upon the earth." And, as it is written also, when slewfoot comes with his 'salvation' the world will welcome him with open arms. It is then that our job will begin. Wait and watch. Play "what if" if you get bored.

Bless you in our Lord, Christ Jesus

Bob Sellers --May, 1995

It's Your Choice:  You can Watch now or See later