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things part 3
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Things that Are (things part 3)

Things Part III

Things that are

Let's try to glean from the first 2 parts a few key thoughts.

First-- Consider that this world was created for His people. "His people" being NOT a single race (which the 'world' knows as Israel), but a people which THE LORD knows as Israel. Y'Shua reminded those religious leaders who were blinded that "I have sheep that are not of this fold". In part 1 we saw the meaning of the word "Israel", and the importance and destiny of those He has chosen. We also can be sure that His Word is written for Israel's comfort, and can be understood in its depth only by His children. He reminds us of His feelings. Time and again He says, "Israel is not cast away", "of all nations, Israel alone I have loved", I will gather (Israel) with tender mercies", "Ye are a 'peculiar' people, a chosen race", And again (speaking about Paul, tho for us as well), "I will shew him what great things he will do (for Me)."

Sometimes, studying His word is comparable to reading a message from our own (biological parents). Our parents have (had) phrases and pet themes or manners of speaking that we could pick out from thousands of others, BECAUSE we grew up with them and learned to know them intimately. (not necessarily LOVE the thoughts, but understand them). A particular phrase used by your own parents or family would be meaningless to another, UNLESS, they happened be your friend and to visit your house when the phrases were used. Strange, but true, isn't it?

Since our Father recognises us, we need to be in tune with what He has warned us will come.

NOT, mind you, what Father would do to the world, but what THE WORLD would do to themselves!! Our Father does no evil.

Y'Shua said that He knew not the time (of the second coming). How can this be? It has to be only because He has given His creation free will. For example, if all the world turned to the truth (hah!), would ANYONE accept Satan as Y'Shua? Of course not. Would anyone care more for themselves than for their neighbor? Of course not. Y'Shua did, however, leave even this option open with his words "did not know the time". What Love!! Truly, at the judgement, there will be no excuses, not even from Slewfoot. Y'Shua has told us the signs Our job is to recognise them and be ready. Tho we all would like to hasten the time, we must be careful in so saying, for Y'Shua, in His Love did not.

Secondly--Tho the Velikovsky books reviewed in part 2 are very interesting, perhaps close to being right on the money, if you are not careful, they will portend to you a message of dispair. We are children of the light, we know who our Father is. We are not of this world. There are signs in the heavens as I write this, and there surely will be many more. In part 4, I will share with you several things I have not mentioned before, which I feel are part and parcel evidence why this generation is the last. In part 4 we will also play "what if" with 3 more secular books.

Enough of that for now, let us get on with the "things that are".

We saw in part 1 how the offspring of Israel squandered and lost in a few generations of their own ignorance and love for the world all the blessings Israel had accumulated from the Father. They did it by not being God-like stewards of the things they had. They had lots of help from the envious world, the kenites and etc., but they gave it up of their own freewill, for pleasure and through ignorance. "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge", laments Hosea. "There is nothing new...", thus today, we find that the vast majority of Israel in virtually the identical circumstances as our parents were in Egypt, so many centuries ago. The world's trinkets are not luxuries to most, they have become necessities. Chief among these "necessities" are jobs (our freewill 'right' to sell our labor to someone else) (our right to free will slavery?) WHAT!!! We HAVE to earn MONEY!! Do I need to remind you that your great-grandparents probably earned your grandparent's living with their own labor, raising their own food, and reading Father's Word by home-made candles? A great second necessity is the automobile. WHAT!! we HAVE to have cars to get to our jobs!! (see answer above). We could go on and on, but you can see from the above, that it is MONEY which is the commodity after which the world seeks. Y'Shua warned, 'seek FIRST the kingdom of heaven...' Now, since the world seeks money, you have much competition in your search for accumulation. There are persons who will provide you with money now, for a portion of your future life. It is called usury in the Word, and we are warned against participating in it. Many, even most, have in effect sold themselves into slavery for the rest of their lives, via this vehicle. In addition, money has become sort of a "method of keeping score" in all aspects of our lives. All manner of 'necessities' can be bought with it. As far as Y'Shua taught, money was necessary only for paying taxes, and as far as the rest of the Word, money was always used to 'buy off the world from having a future claim on your labor or goods' (Read carefully the story in Genesis where Abraham insisted on buying the land for burying Sarah).

Now since I brought up 'taxes', lets consider them for a moment. They are, as far as Father teaches, a legitimate toll for the king. For the king is (supposed) to have the best interest of the whole kingdom at heart, and is to utilize the taxes for the benefit of the kingdom as a whole. Now, it is a fact that the present circumstances we know as taxation is alien to this idea. Yet, Y'Shua shall judge this, and not we.

Since we have become a society which uses money for our livelihood, we pay additonal tax. For example, if your home and car (and other 'necessities') are financed, you get a double whammy. Our great-grandparents never worried about taxes, because their time was their own, and money was less necessary than a good crop of farm produce. The little money they needed was provided by wintertime hobbies such as woodworking and sewing, or selling excess produce to the city dwellers. They never sold enough to have taxable 'income'.

Thus the first major stumbling block of the things that are, and the first to hook our fathers in Egypt, was the desire to have money. The physical nature of the 'necessities' has changed, but the desire to have them and the means of doing so is the same. The lesson we are to absorb from this is that if we are in slavery to the world, we are not completely free to serve God. We cannot serve 'two masters'. The Lord, if he needs us, must set us free. We must have enough gumption to stay out of this confusion (Heb Babylon) after the Lord helps us get out.

There are 3 more stumbling blocks which will again lead to our enslavement. All are rooted in the desire of mankind to have money.

"the LOVE of money (notice, the love of, not money itself) is the root of ALL evil" as Paul informed Timothy.

The next one is political. I love the definition Mark Twain gave as to the etymology of the word 'polytic'. 'Poly', he said, means "many", and we all know a 'tic' is an "involuntary jerk of the face (mouth)". The seriousness of modern politics is not such a laughing matter, however. Just as happened in Egypt when the kenites formed alliances with Assyria, we find their offspring hard at work in international organizations to envelop this country in the affairs of the world. From the embryo of the 'league of nations' formed after WW1, we have the United Nations organization which incidently was 'born' in 1948, as well as the nation 'israel'.

Both the good and bad fig trees were rooted together in this unholy union, just as Father said would come to pass. As many of you know, I am an avid reader, even pausing to read grafitti on traffic signs, according to my wife. I found a book in a used book store some years ago which absolutely amazed me. It is titled "the Outline of History", and was written by H.G. Wells, of all people, the same person who wrote 'The Time Machine", and whose son, Orson scared the pants off people on Halloween night, 1938 with his 'martian invasion' radio broadcast. The book was last published in 1931. This book is 1255 pages in length, and covers from what he calls the 'evolution' to 1930. It is without a doubt the most scholarly history book I have ever read. There were several million published as a college level text, (mostly Ivy league, of course) and you may well find a copy in your local library. I implore you, if you find one to read chapters 35 and 36. They are respectively entitled 'the catastrophe of modern imperialism' and 'the world after the great war'. I promise you will be amazed, for in section 13 of ch 36, his recipe for world peace reads like it was copied word for word from Bill and Hill C and "Owl" Gore. There is not room here for much , but let me give you a few quotes.


"Among the things that seem to move commandingly towards an adequate world control at the present time are these: (remember--the 'present time' is 1930)

1)The increasing destructiveness and intolerability of war waged with the new powers of science.

2)The inevitable fusion of the worlds economic affairs into one system, leading necessarily to a common one point control of currency. This demands safe and uninterrupted communications and a free movement of goods and workers by sea and land throughout the whole world, without interference by soverign nations, even on their territory. The satisfaction of these needs will require a federal world control of considerable authority and enforcement powers.

3)The need, because of increasing mobility of peoples, of effectual control of health everywhere.

4)The urgent need of some equalization of labour conditions, and of the minimum standard of life throughout the world. This seems to carry with it as a collorary, the establishment of some minimum standard of education for everyone. And it carries with it the gradual but not too long delayed elimination of the profit motive in economic life by the world wide organization of production for use.

5) the impossibility of developing the enormous benefits of flying without a world control of the airways.

In next section, he continues"The attainment of this world-state will be impeded and may be opposed to-day by many apparently vast forces. But, it has, urging it on, a much more powerful force, that of free and growing common intelligence of mankind. Today in the world there is a small but increasing number of men--historians, archaeologists, ethnologists, economists, socialologists, psychologists, educators,and the like--SNIP--

then follows with Roger Bacon's prophecys on what life will be like in the coming NEW WORLD ORDER ....HE USES THE TERM!!!!

1) It will be based on a common world religion, very much simplified and universalized and better understood. It will not be Christianity nor Buddhism, nor Islam, but religion itself, pure and undefiled--the Eighth-fold way, brotherhood, creative service, self forgetfulness...SNIP and YUK

2)And this world state will be sustained by universal education, organized on a scale and of a penetration and quality beyond all present experience... quite apart of their parentage, perhaps 10% of the worlds parents will serve a term as workers in the education system...SNIP and Yuk again

3)There will be no armies nor navies, and no classes of unemployed people either wealthy or poor

4) the worlds scientific achievements will be like an ocean liner compared to a dugout canoe.

5) there will be a vast free literature of discussion

6)the worlds political organization will be democratic... YUK again

7)The worlds economic organization will contain exploitation of all natural wealth everywhere, shared for all peoples, by the agents and servants of the common government. Private enterprise will be the servant, no longer the robber baron of the commonweal:

More and more, production will be for general use and not for private profit.


Now if that don't make you upchuck, you have not realized where we have been heading for a long time. To Egypt, and to Babylon. In the words of the immortal Pogo Possum, "We have met the enemy, and he is us".

The third head is Religious. Fortunately, we don't have much concern here, because we have no religion, and I for one, am not about to get a religion. Father's Word, however, holds it out as a sign of the last times. This world religion aped by Roger Bacon and H G Wells above will arrive, because man's religious beliefs are one of the main divisions among peoples and nations. How might this occur, one may ask, without vast bloodshed in new 'crusades'?

Well, other than the appearance of ol' slewfoot, or new religious 'wars', we could have for example a complete 'forsaking', or apostasy, (the "running to and fro" of Dan 12:4 is "apostasy"--check it out). This apostasy can come about as it has in this land, thru false teaching, having your mind on other things like money, or as I feel more probable, by some man made and/or natural disaster. During a disaster, most will be concerned with self-survival and will accept any "rope" offered by anyone which will pull them out of a hole. A world wide disaster which would shake societal foundations, would certainly result in a willingness of people everywhere to accept any salvation offered.

Which brings us to the fourth head. Society (education, and etc)

Have you ever realized just how fragile our society is? Our whole infrastructure is based on cheap energy. We live in places like small apartment buildings with hundreds of others who have absolutely no idea how to feed themselves. If they cannot buy it at the corner store, or go to a restaurant, they would starve. All this depends to a large extent, on electricity. Our electric power system is one of the easiest and first targets of terrorists, foriegn and domestic.

Our grandparents likely did not have electricity in their homes until later in life. They did not need it, yet they survived fine, living off their farms. Today, picture a day in the city without electricity. Our jobs would be gone, for the businesses could not operate. No alarm clocks, telephones, refrigerators, air conditioners, computers, refrigerators, traffic signals, gasoline could not be pumped. Stores could not operate, no checks could be cashed, no automatic teller machines. Restaurants could not open, elevators don't work. At night, no burglar alarms, no streetlights, no light in your home. No hot water, no running water, no sewage is being pumped by the substation, because the electricity is off.

Have you got time for religion, anyone? What is your mind on when this occurs? Is it not survival? How much would you be willing to pay to get back to your old servitude to your jobs and the kenites after a few days of this?

Now, in the outline, I mentioned some supplies which prudent people will lay aside. We will talk further about them in Part 5. These supplies are not necessarily for an 'end times' scenario, but simply to get you over any manner of disruptions. These include protracted ice storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, or even trucker strikes. If you are prepared to weather a couple weeks of those, you are in fine shape. For those who doubt, read in Exodus, that the Lord told the Israelites to 'borrow' from the egyptians, and to take with them their dough in the kneading trough. This way it was already mixed with water, and could be prepared on short order. They evidently had enough food for a while, because it was 10 days to 2 weeks before the manna fell. What about when Noah was preparing the Ark? Remember that God told him to gather food.

A little thought should convince you that the vast majority of the world is in a similar set of circumstances we find the US is in. The Europeans have the "common Market" which has the same effect as NAFTA and GATT does on this country. As most know by now, the UN also has direct control over many of our national parks, and thus the US can no longer provide absolute soverignty over it's own land. You may have noticed the 'Biosphere' signs around certain of them as you travel. Coming soon to an area near you will be an armed UN police force. They are there, at least for now, in their UN white vehicles to enforce any 'environmental crimes' which they are ordered to. Soon, they will 'enforce' whatever their masters the Kenites tell them to. Most of the police are not US citizens.. They are German, Russian, and East German, with a smattering of Chinese. This (old but) New World Order our king has sold us to hates the US citizens. The present bodes of the treatment of our fathers in Egypt, with it's curtailment of liberties. Expect it to continue to grow more overbearing. In the next part we will examine a possible scenario for the wound, which I am convinced will fall on this country, Eretz Israel.

We all know that Father is readying His people for the time to come. In my case, beginning about 10 years ago, there were several large disruptions in my life, sad and painful, and which at the time I thought were patently unfair. As with everything our Father controls, however, He has since restored my losses and happiness several fold, and added a large measure of security to boot. If you have been thru some rough times in the past, or are going thru them now, consider that our Father loves you and knows where He wants you to physically be. Lean on your brothers and sisters, and trust Father. Be Strong, yea be strong.

In the next part, we will discuss things to come, including a scenario which some may have heard, some not. We will discuss 3 secular prophecies. Be warned, that when they begin, these future disruptions will appear to come from all sources at once. Natural disasters will precipitate man-made ones. You will, as Y'Shua says, be forsaken. You will not be able to discuss these things nor get advice from your brothers and sisters in this E-Mail list on AOL. You and Y'Shua will be on your own. But you know what?? You and God make a majority. All Praise to Him.

Your brother in Y'Shua, April, 1995


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