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Have your eyes been open lately?

An update on the New World Order.

30 November, 2004

Predicting the next Coup by the New World Order, and a review


It is generally well known among Christians that a final world system will set the stage for the arrival of the great deceiver, taking political and eventually complete control of all nations of the world.

This final world system has been a dream of men for literally hundreds of years. According to “The Outline of History” by H.G. Wells, a scholarly history tome last published in 1932, this system will consist of control of the four main venues of man, the political, economic, religious and societal characteristics of all peoples of the world. Some of these topics were discussed in “Things part 4” in the study section of this website. In that article written in 1995, I attached the names of Ahab and Jezebel to Bill and Hill Clinton. I breathed a sigh of relief when I erroneously thought we were over them in 2000. Now I am having some serious second thoughts.

What about this scenario-- Kofi Annan resigns or does not run for his seat as president of the UN next year, Bill Clinton gets the job as president of the world, and in 2008, Hillary is elected President of the US.

You do know that with the presidential EO’s now in existence, the president can do what she wants with the US military, Like donating them to the UN. Now are you seeing Ahab and Jezebel?

I can see things more clearly now that 10 years have passed. I used to think that a major world war would be the main vehicle to completely break this country. No more is this necessary, nor even probable. Until recently, the main impediment to the implementation of the UN/NWO agenda has been the basic American values and free spirit of the American people. We have always cherished our freedoms, and never would we be governed by a foreigner, even by force. The architects of the system has recognized this and have devised cunning methods to deal with it. The older veterans who understood the price of freedom are dying off, or too old to fight.


Social Engineering.

We are subject to social class division, by race, by social status, and by all sorts of topical abominations such as gay marriage, abortion, and ever-expanding government control over all aspects of family life, especially our children’s education. Finally the applause for such actions of ’government’ from the various media outlets is deafening and desensitizing. Such issues have even thrown division into churches of different denominations.

It is clear, for example from the last election, that the people of the USA are seriously divided not only on social issues, but also foreign policy such as the war on terror, the state of Israel, and what is viewed as unequal treatment of nations. Human nature is basically lazy. All want something of value, paid for by others. This social division is succeeding. In the EU, for example, a constitution is being adopted which many of the people do not want. There are mass demonstrations in Europe over this, yet the mainstream media is not reporting it in the US.

Here in the USA, people have had their attention distracted by the need to earn a living for their family. They are trusting ’the government’ to protect their precious freedoms. Those few that see what is happening and speak out are ridiculed and thought of as ’right wing’ nuts.

Our national resume which used to be the pride of the world, has become as toilet paper to the majority of the people of the world. The USA is viewed as a bully, who needs a good lesson.

Our northern neighbor Canada is abandoning official friendship in trade matters. Mexico and the rest of Central and South America would dearly love to see us fall. Europe, China, and Russia would applaud our demise. And, friends, it will surely happen, perhaps even sooner than some expect.

It could never happen by military force, for the US is the strongest military power in the world. But, friends, what would happen if “our” military was no longer ours to control? How could this be? Read on.

A final societal challenge of the NWO is to ‘equalize’ the earth’s population at a sustainable level. It is also absolutely necessary that individuals who enter the NWO be of a sort who are both well educated and ‘contributors’. That is, there will be no welfare class, nor will there be vast nations of people whose existence is only used to breed and consume. The peoples of Africa and southern Asia will be reduced considerably, eliminated by forced famine and disease, as they are even now neglected by the media of the world. They are considered by the NWO as ‘useless eaters‘. A mentality and unified state allegiance as proposed by Marx and Ingles will be the ultimate goal. No longer will a few nations live in luxury while the rest are poor. All will be equal, but some will be ‘more equal‘ than others.

Religious Control

There are four major classes of ‘religion’ in the world. These are (1) Animism (which includes spirit/nature worship such as Hindu, Buddhism, Shinto, Voodoo, Satanism, New Age, Atheist, Agnostic, etc.) (2) Judaism , (3) Christianity, and (4) Islam.

Of all these major classes, Islam has publicly demonstrated and acknowledged a fanatical capability of committing mass murder and suicidal terrorism against people of all other religious beliefs. Islam represents about a sixth of the world’s population, or approximately a billion people.

The majority of the worlds people profess some form of Animism , and the vast majority of these are not fanatical in their relation to other people, and in fact are considered ‘peaceful‘.

There are approximately 3 billion Animists, or about a half of the worlds population. There are some fanatics as well in Animism, though they (percentage wise) are a minority.

Christianity (RC and Protestants) includes approximately 2 billion people, or about a third of the worlds population. Although these classes are not ‘militant‘ in the sense of Islam, they are considered by the NWO as very socially militant, and a great political restraint on the social goals of their envisioned future world. In addition, Christians represent a major group in direct control of the wealth of the world . Christianity includes some fanatical factions.

Judaism is the smallest of the worlds major religions, yet individual Jews are in indirect control of a vast majority of the world’s wealth. Virtually all banks worldwide, the various commodity cartels, stock markets, gold and diamond mining, movies, the media and other soft industries are run by Jews. The nation of Israel is known as the ’center’ of Judaism, Yet many, many more Jews live in the USA and Europe than in the nation of Israel. The nation Israel, due to different factions in Judaism, does have some fanatics.

Since ‘religion’ is a state of mind affecting an individual’s core beliefs, the NWO has deemed it necessary to adjust the thoughts of these people. As mentioned, the Animists are no problem. The first to be conquered will be Islam. The Islamists are currently being engaged by the second faction of the NWO, the USA and behind the scenes, the nation of Israel and the wealthy individual Jews. It is my belief that this war will expand to include Iran, Syria and the majority of the middle east. Islam will be destroyed as a militant organization. Their state of mind will be adjusted permanently.

The next to be attacked will be the Protestant Christians. Their political power will be brought to nothing quickly, and any militancy of their members quickly eliminated by foreign troops.

The economic power controlled by the world’s richest church, the RCC, will be courted by the NWO and their theology formed into a shelter for all Christians, as being the only ‘Christian’

church which is acceptable. Such action will be glorified by the media as a uniting gesture for all mankind. Perhaps the Pope will open the RCC arms to the Animists as well. They would make a good fit.

Judaism, with the influence of wealthy individual Jews, will be essentially unscathed and ignored, as will all the Animists, however militants of both groups will be eliminated. The world’s freedom of religious choice has disappeared.

At that time it will be extremely unpopular to insist that Christ is the only way. It will cost you all your worldly goods, and even your life.

The Economy

Are you a slave? Your answer most probably is an adamant “OF COURSE NOT, I live in the land of the free. I am free, free to do as I choose.”

I am glad for you. That means you have the ability to stay home with your children and teach them, enjoy them, and not worry about having to have next week’s paycheck to keep the bill collectors away. It means you do not have a mortgage, a car payment, or credit card bills.

See, what slavery means is that you have to work to pay off all that money you borrowed from the system. You literally cannot afford to get sick, or become unable to work. If you borrowed, you gave the system an IOU for “x” amount of your future life. Your future life belongs to the system, plus interest.

The system can change the rules at any time. The system can move your high paying job to Indonesia. The system can devalue the currency to the point that food for your family becomes more important than your second car, or the boat. Face it, a slave is not in control of their own future.

But, pardon me, did you as a Christian promise your future to Christ?

Economics 101

The money systems of every nation are tied intimately together in the BIS, the Bank for International Settlements. This is also known as the G-10 nations. What does this mean? Well, basically when Canada buys oil from Saudi Arabia, The Saudis do not want Canadian dollars, they want international currency or their own Rials. The BIS thus handles the transaction.

Theoretically, up until the beginning of 2002, the US dollar was the only recognized international currency, so all the nations of the world would accept US dollars as payment for commodities. The advantage to the US was that we could print trillions of paper dollars, buy stuff with them, and never expect them to come home for redemption in that other nations currency. Also, as you know, banks are a ‘for profit‘ operation. The BIS charges fees for exchanging currencies.

Well, to make a long story short, the EURO has become the currency of choice since the GDP economy of the united Europe is several times greater than that of the US. Perhaps you have noticed the price of all commodities (like gas and food) are really moving up lately. It is no accident, nor is it temporary.

Now we work about 20% of the time to but food. The world wants more gas and food also, and their currencies are more valuable, so our food suppliers have to pay more on the international market to buy the raw commodities, so guess what? Soon we will be working 30%, then 40% of the time to buy food. We will have less money for bills and mortgages.

But dont worry. The system will refinance it for us. All it will take is a little more of your future life to pay for it. Get the idea yet?



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