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There follows a short list of recommended Bible Study Tools.  These can be added to with the second list.  Keep in mind that there is nothing authored by man that is 100% true.  Read everything you can get your hands on and measure it by the Word.

1)  King James Version Bible  (Companion Bible by Kreugel publications is recommended).   (But see note 1 below.)
2) Strongs Exhaustive Concordance  (Hendrickson version recommended)
3) Green's Interlinear Bible (Hebrew-Greek-English)
4) Goodspeed's Apocropha (see note 2 below)
5) Smith's Bible Dictionary
Note 1) The Companion Bible has many useful and informative appendices and commentary.  Remember though, that the commentary and the appendices are words of man.  If you question them, then use only the KJV text portion and the Strongs to arrive at your conclusion. 
Note 2) The Apocrapha was originally published with the KJ bible, placed between the old and new testaments.  Even this version did not contain the entire Apocrapha.  SOME versions of the Goodspeed contains the entire text.  The way you can tell if it is complete is to see if 2 Esdras chapter 7 has 100+ verses.  Some (RCC) versions did not include the verses above 70 for reasons which will be obvious if you read the verses. 

Anything you desire, including graffiti and the newspapers.  Just judge them in accord with the books above.  In the ORDER they are listed

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