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Panamint Valley Landscape Threatened by Briggs Mine Exploratory Drilling Expansion Proposal - Update 5/5/03 - State Board Requires Briggs to Backfill Any Future New Open Pit Mine - Exploration Plans Deferred!

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Desert Survivors

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BLM California Office

BLM Nevada Office


Hello, I'm Bob Ellis. I live in Berkeley, California.  I have been retired for the past four years.  I am a long-time backpacker and wilderness visitor.  For the past dozen years I have become focused upon the public land deserts of California and Nevada.

As a member of Desert Survivors, a California-based desert conservation group, I have visited many of the remote wild desert areas of the Southwest.  The need to become involved in the preservation of the natural history, cultural history, and wilderness landscape of these public lands has been increasingly apparent.  As a board member of Desert Survivors, as an active Sierra Club Desert Committee member, and as the currently appointed environmental representative on the BLM California Desert District Advisory Council, I am working for desert protection.

This site is a place to present desert protection issues information, desert wilderness backpack experiences, some rare desert plant information, and items of interest from the Arctic desert - the Alaskan Brooks Range.

As a novice with web construction, please bear with me as technical problems arise.

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