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(Core) Personhood Curriculum Contents

Introductory Essays, Teaching Essays, and Teaching Documents

The Development of a Competent Person

A philosophical look at our education system's failure, and how to fix it.

Education Requirements Document. Push and Pull Technologies.

How can we educate if we don't have meaningful requirements?
Once we have requirements, how do we go about meeting them?

New Teaching Paradigm

The new thinking used in lesson plans on this site to INCREASE INTRINSIC MOTIVATION.

How We Build Ourselves

Here is part of the answer on how to fix our schools.

Important Teaching Concepts

Particularly important for teaching personhood and character.

Small Group Philosophy

The thinking behind small groups with academically balanced memberships.

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Some general essays on education- - - (Go to Master Contents)

Student Participation Record

A simple method to encourage attention and class participation, and to detect problems that interfere with a student learning.

Class Discussions

Open Discussions Vs. Directed Discussions

The Development of a Good Student

Still in work. Hierarchy of Education

"A Good Example is the Best Teacher -NOT"

Contrary to popular belief!

Teaching What Some Learn on their Own.

If some students are able to figure out what is a quality personhood, and achieve it, then it is likely to be teachable to others who would not learn it on their own.

The Self-Made Person

This is a very positive and very powerful concept.
Read this! ... It is not what you probably think it is!

Mental Processing Skills

What good are facts if you don't have the mind-skill to work with them?

The Mentor Elective

What can we learn from self-teaching that can help our schools?

Rethinking School Systems

A proposed new type of School System

Education Memes

How school system evolve

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