How to Download for Saving, Editing, or Printing Clean Hardcopy

You may wish to download a document to edit it and/or print it. First set up a folder to receive your downloads.

To download a Rich Text Format version of a lesson plan, look in the column marked ".rtf". (Many word processors can read these files.) If there is an active link there (bold, blue, and underlined: .rtf) then that document is available for download. Downloadable documents are also listed within other documents with a link name like <name>.rtf. Click on the link. The document will be downloaded and displayed by your browser.

If you want to save the file to your disk, you must then use the "Save As..." command of your browser, directing the save to be in the download folder you have set up. Be sure the file name is the name as given, such as "ph-g3-1.rtf", or a new name you may prefer.

You may wish to save an open HTML (Web format page) document. This is done from your browser.

For Netscape 7.0:

  1. Create a folder in which to store such documents.
  2. With the document displayed and active on your screen,
    • File (Top menu bar)
      • Save Page As ...
        • Select folder
        • Name the file.
        • Save as type: = Web Page, complete
        • Click "Save"

If you wish to save one of my Web pages in text form (assuming an *.rtf version is not available), you may do so using the following procedure.)

  1. In the browser window, Click-hold, Drag, and Release to select all of the text you want to copy.
  2. Press Ctrl & C keys together (this copies the selected text).
  3. Minimize the browser (the box in the extreme upper right of the browser window that has a _ (dash) in it.
  4. Open your word processor to a blank document.
  5. Paste (Ctrl & V keys, or any other method).
  6. You should now see the text you selected. It will be without formatting. You will have to format manually, if desired.
  7. You can now edit and print.
  8. "Save As ..."

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