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Building Quality People!
What's Gone Wrong in Education?
How do we fix it?
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Hello and Welcome!

Purpose of This Site

Stimulate thinking on what is wrong with our education system, and present ideas and material to help fix it.


The information on this web site is not, in itself, a full solution to reforming education.

Some Definitions . . .

. . . As Used in the Essays of this Site

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Hello and Welcome!

My name is Russ Andrews.

We need to educate our children so they become autonomous, are critical thinkers, operate from a position of high ethical values, and are problem solvers. To a large extent, this is not happening now.

Even in the concrete areas of "academics," our schools are failing. They fail to teach reading, writing, math, history, civics, and science to far too many students.

In a very real sense, the future of our nation depends on citizens who are well educated in the areas set forth above. Because we are not now doing that, our future is at serious risk.

This writer took a job teaching computer literacy to grades 5 through 8 (200 students). He wanted a seat on the inside to try to figure out what is wrong, and how to fix it. This site is the result of that effort, the author's love for children, and a very strong desire to do what he can to help in their education.

This site presents teaching materials and perspectives useful to a wide range of learning environments. Formal public schools, charter schools, cyber schools, private schools, Christian schools, holistic schools, homeschoolers, unschoolers, etc. will all find something useful here.

If you have something to contribute or links to related sites please contact me. I would also like to hear about your experiences.

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Purpose of This Site

This site is not an effort to make money. It is the writer's fondest hope the information on this site will:

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The information on this web site is not, in itself, a full solution to reforming education. Other elements, such as correctly teaching reading and character education are not addressed on the site as they are elsewhere documented and are gaining momentum.

Upon searching the Internet many projects have been found which present methods and elements designed to improve education. Most have value. It is this writer’s view these improvements should continue to be explored, studied, developed, and applied where applicable.

It is this writer’s firm belief that application of this Web Site’s ideas, methods, and materials will greatly amplify the benefits accrued from those other efforts.

Some Definitions, As Used in the Essays of this Site

"Education System" and "School System" generally refer to all the mechanism in use in the country to educate our students from K through 12th grade. This includes government, private, religious, commercial, and all types of Homeschools.

"School System" sometimes refers to smaller elements, such as a school district or a state system.

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Suggestions for Exploring this Site

 This is a very large site (over 500 files). Without familiarity with it, it may be easy to get lost or miss something. The sequence below is the author's recommendation for obtaining the most from this site. However, you may surf it in any fashion that suites you.

1) First read all the material on this page, down to the "Other Pages" contents at the bottom of this page.

(2) Then read "Site Overview."

(3) Then link to "Master Contents." Look at "Master Contents, List of Sub-Tables of Contents." Familiarize yourself with what is there, and how it is organized. Then go from there to the tables linked to. Familiarize yourself with what is there.

(4) Start at the beginning of the "Master Table of Contents, Material for Educators and Parents" and follow it through to its end, going through each subordinate Contents or papers in the order they occur. Where needed for further understanding, take an imbedded link, then return to the point linked from by using the browser's Back Button. This is the most complete and logical way to fully digest what is here.

(5) Use the Master Contents to locate areas of your special or immediate interest. Go to that Table of Contents, and explore it.


HOME  SCHOOLERS: As you browse the Master Contents look for an HS in the center column. These are likely of greatest interest to you.


UNSCHOOLERS: Look in the "Other Pages" contents on this page for a link to a set of contents created for you. The same link is also in the Master Contents.

Page Contents

If you find errors...

This web site has over 500 files with over 3000 internal links. It is very difficult to weed out all errors. Please contact me if you find a problem in any of the pages or links. Please be specific about the nature of the problem, and the page file name or page title. Please contact me.

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The materials presented on this site are a major departure from the ideas and methods of the recent past. Please do not reject them for that reason. They will take some getting used to.

  • Our schools are badly broken.
  • They are not responding significantly to most of the efforts to fix them.
  • When a system is badly broken, and resists modest efforts to fix it, that usually indicates major changes are needed.
  • "The significant problems we face cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them." Albert Einstein - - This certainly applies to education! (Russ Andrews)

As you read the ideas presented here, keep asking yourself:

  • Does that make good sense?
  • Is that logical?
  • Does it ring true?
  • Is it just common sense?

Be patient:

  • There is a lot of material here. It will take a long time to get through it all just once.
  • It will take a while before you begin to get a good picture.

And above all, please keep an open mind!

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If you have a web site, please consider linking to my site. Help get the word out as to how to save our education, and thus save our nation.

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Education Reform. Build Quality People.

Unique & powerful material. Lesson plans that instill INTRINSIC MOTIVATION to be a good student & a high quality person. Why schools are failing. How to REFORM schools & School Systems.


Email me if you do a link. If you want a link from me to you, provide information.
Thanks, Russ

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