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Essays about aspects of thinking to which a lot of people are not exposed.
They can make a big difference in a person's life.

Thinking Errors

Some generalized and very common poor thinking habits. How to replace them with good habits.

Hypotheses & Theories

Some Basic Precepts. One of the best way to make mistakes in life involves not understanding the purpose, role, and limitations of these mental constructs.

People Are Rational!

Even when they seem quite irrational to us! This needs a bit of explanation! What are some tactics in dealing with "Irrational" people?

Life Is ...

Life is a long series of important decisions, all of which must be made with insufficient data. If you don't understand this, your life may have more worry or anxiety.

Thoughts About Problem Solving

Ask the Right Questions Before Trying to Solve a Problem. This is a skill you develop. It is one of the keys to problem solving.

I Nevar make mistaks!

There is no way we can live without making mistakes. If we agonize over this, we can be paralyzed and loose efficiency as a person. We also tend to beat up on ourselves!

How does One Handle Negative Criticism?

Another very important way to protect you sanity! Some people kind of go off the deep end when they are criticized. But even criticism can be turned to your benefit! Also presented is a way to remove some of the sting.

The "What if ... ?" method

Here is an example of a powerful thinking tool used for analyzing something.


A powerful tool to install in your mind to help make changes or remember things.

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Unschool: Essays about the Egocentric Thinking Style. This is a style of thinking that even vary mature and well educated adults can habitually use. It is little recognized by most people, but is really a big problem!

Thinking Styles

What characteristics exist within the self confidant thinker, egotistical thinker, arrogant thinker, egocentric thinker, and sociocentric thinker?

Thoughts About Knowing

"What a fool believes he sees, no wise man has the power to reason away."

Where Truth Is

A good Life Rule, and its opposite, a bad Life-Rule about where to find truth!

Egocentricity or Sociocentricity

Do some people really think like that? Yes they do! Yikes!

Egocentric Tendencies

The Human Mind Is Naturally Prone To the Following Egocentric Tendencies. We have to learn to overcome them.

Egocentricity Quiz

If you think you might use egocentric thinking, consider taking this quiz. While short quizzes like this usually don't "prove" anything, they can be useful to focus your mind to do further observation of yourself, or to ask other (trusted) people for their views of you. Sometimes we are too close to see ourselves clearly. :-)

Overcoming Egocentric Thinking

Its not easy, but doable. If you do, you will be grateful the rest of your life!

Links to advanced web sites on thinking.

Additional Reading. One lists "35 Dimensions of Critical Thought." Master these and you will be a Super Thinker!

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