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Introduction (the essay starts here)

These group of items are all sections of one essay.

Definition of Wisdom.

What is wisdom?- - - Good question!

Characteristics of a Wise Person

What Does it Take to be Wise?

It takes several different kinds of knowledge. What are they?

There are several types of intelligences which are important.

A set of good rules you live by!

Deep understanding is really important!


What's that? How do you do it? What are the concepts?

Ugh! The opposite of reality testing! But too common.

Self discipline is the glue that hangs everything else together, and keeps you on track in your thinking and your doing.

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People are Rational

They may seem irrational or illogical, but usually they are not! Why is this so?

We Advertise Ourselves.

That can be good or bad! How do we do it?

How do You Come Across to Other People?

A little quiz.

How do You Handle Negative Criticism?

There is a very positive way to do it!

SOB! (Empathy)

What is it? What is the ultimate expression of it? Why is it important?

How we Develop Socially

What are the social stages we go through in life?

The Cause of Conflict Between Teens and Their Parents.

Learn about the underlying reasons for it! Once you and your parents really understand, then you can all work to make the teen years better for all.

Stages of Human Male Development

Stages of development: Animal to Gentleman. Ladies, this is VERY IMPORTANT to YOU! (Why does he refer to animal when talking about humans?)

What is a Gentleman?

It is more than a title!

Why do Some Women Pick Bad Men?

The writer has a hypothesis.

Forgiveness and Reconciliation

There's more there than most people realize.

Collection of Wise Sayings


Wise Nuggets for Classroom Use

"Sayings", including discussion of the meaning and / or application.

Bureaucratic Creep

Why do organizations fail? Here is one common reason.

The Context of Freedom

An in-depth look at freedom. A lot of people never look at it in this kind of detail.

How to Criticize

Sometimes we have to criticize. How to do it.

Who is YOUR Role Model?

Who you choose says a lot about YOU!

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