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INTRODUCTION This writer would expect you do not have much problem with motivation. These essays are quick reads. You may gain a bit of insight and learn of few easy "tricks". - - - We can ALL improve!


A very short essay which makes the point that your expectations of yourself are very important. If you are a little weak on this, read the essay.

Your Choices Determine Your Future!

This was written for a classroom presentation, but it still has important ideas for the unschooler. It provides a solid perspective that helps in making decisions every day!

How YOUR Brain Develops

What scientific studies show us about YOUR brain. Some general information about the timing and sequence of its development, and how you can "help it along!"

What is the Best Use of My Time Right Now?

TIME:. It is the most important commodity you now or will ever possess. Here is a short essay with a very simple why to make the best use of it.

What do You do if You Don’t Like to be Told What To Do?

One way to keep your sanity! In our lives we are all faced with being told what to do. Here is a simple way to turn these situations into something positive for YOU! (At least in many cases.)

How does one Handle Negative Criticism?

Another very important way to protect you sanity! Some people kind of go off the deep end when they are criticized. But even criticism can be turned to your benefit! Also presented is a way to remove some of the sting.

Why Study Computer Literacy?
Today, without it, you are living in the "Stone Age"!