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This entire web site exists to help students in many different learning programs. Some elements are applicable to one kind of learning program, such as Unschooling, while other elements are designed for other settings, such as a more traditional, classroom of a public school.

As Unschoolers you most likely are highly self motivated. You likely don't want to be talked down to. Therefore, what I am writing explicitly for you will use my full vocabulary, avoiding watering it down. Having said that, I ask your understanding and forgiveness if while reading my essays you find the vocabulary is watered down. Those essays are quite often included in formal lesson plans used in other learning settings.

You won't find much of the typical "academic" material presented in most learning methods. Much of what is here isn't taught in other learning modalities, nor is it pulled together in one place for easy access or assimilation. Some of it is quite unique and original. The author has not been able to find anything like it, so far. In the writer's experience, the material found here is very instrumental in developing high quality and high competency in life.

The writer is educated in a formal and traditional public school setting (over 50 years ago). He is also Unschooled, totally on his own in several areas which have been fantastically beneficial to him.

The material was originally created in the form of self-teaching essays or tutorials. The author has combed through his material, attempting to pick out those which are most suitable for Unschooling learners, and consolidated the links on the Unschooling Contents pages. You of course are free to pick and choose what you want to read, and when you want to read it. The right hand part of the Unschool Contents has been written to give you information to use in making your choices of what to look at. NOTE: Often in life material does not neatly fit into only one category or list. Therefore, one essay may appear in more than one subject area Contents.

The author respects your individual talents, needs, intelligences, abilities, and creativity. If you have suggestions or even fully developed writings which you think would make these pages better or more useful, please contact him. (Email form)

While this section of the web site is set up specifically for you, feel free to explore other areas, especially on philosophy of education and on why the regulars schools fail so badly.


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