Personhood Curriculum
4th Grade
3rd Grade Review
Lesson Plan
(20 minutes?) 

Teacher Prep
Prepare "Examples of Short, Mid, and Long Term Goals"
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Prepare "The Differences Between Short, Mid, and Long Term Goals"
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Be sure that any new students receive hard copy of last year's work.

Class Time
If we teach something, it is because it is important. If it is important, it is worth reviewing. We tend to forget things over the summer, so we are going to have a short review of last year's work.
Go over a few of each of the three kinds.
Ask for a couple more, suggested by students. - - -

Point out features such as needing help, schooling, special training, or license required.

Time required could be short, mid term, or long term.

Here are some examples of goals.


Project transparency #9

Here is another way to look at goals. The table below compares them side-by-side.
- - - Point out features.

Short Term Goal
Mid Term Goal
Long Term Goal

A day or less

Few days or weeks.

Months or years

Not complicated: Simple

Not too complicated.

Might be complicated.

Probably easy

Not too difficult.

Might be difficult.

May not need a plan.

A plan might be needed.

Most likely a plan will be needed.

Might have an age requirement.

Might require going to a special school, possibly for a long time.

Might require some sort of college degree.

Might require getting some sort of license.

Remove the slide:

Use a directed discussion. Call on students to answer these questions. If you have students who are new in the school this year, call on them.

Tell us about "short term goals"

Tell us about "mid term goals"

Tell us about "long term goals"

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