Balanced Life Rules

We can have Life Rules to help us find a good balance of schoolwork and play time. The top-level and sub-Life-Rules given below will help. Here is a better Life-Rule that can be used in many situations. It helps lead to prioritizing and balancing your life. We need to give the schoolwork the priority, that is, it comes first, and it gets the most effort until it is done. Here is a better Life-Rule:

Life-Rule: "Work takes priority over play"

Sub-LIFE -RULE: Work is started first.
Sub-LIFE -RULE: IF I have been working hard for quite a while, THEN I should take a break and play for a short while, to relax my mind and body.
(NOTE: Working too hard and for too long usually makes the work harder and takes even longer. Your brain sort of "shuts down." A reasonable play-break can help you do a better job. This is true at any age, even 66!)
Sub-LIFE-RULE: I don't have to do a better job than does everyone else in the world.
(In other words don't KILL YOURSELF by overdoing the task!)
To do a super-perfect job usually requires a very great deal of time, and is not needed.
Sub-LIFE -RULE: IF I have finished my work, and have done a good job, THEN it is time to quit work, and to play. (This Life-Rule gives a clear way to tell when to stop the work.)