Egocentricity Quiz

Print out the table below. In the center section of the table, mark the column 1,2, ... 5 that reflects which side of that row best matches how you feel. If you strongly agree with the right side, mark the #5 box, putting a 5 in it. If you don't know, mark #3, putting a 3 in it. If you strongly agree with the left side, mark the #1 box putting a 1 in it.

In answering, be brutally honest! Think very carefully. What do you actually DO or THINK?

Left Side
Right Side

I often doubt my view of things.

My view of things is always correct

I don't mind being wrong.

I hate to be wrong

I look for valid criticisms, so I can improve.

Criticisms of me are not true.

I know I can usually correct my mistakes.

It is very important to never make a mistake.

If you contradict me, I look to see if you are correct.

If you contradict me, you are obviously wrong.

If you make a good argument I can easily change my view.

I automatically defend my viewpoint, no matter what the other person says.

It doesn't bother me to loose an argument.

If I loose and argument, I feel bad inside.

I look for the value in other people's arguments.

Other people's arguments are worthless.

The real truth is more important than my view.

My view is the real truth.

Add up all the numbers. Should be in the range of 9 to 45, inclusive.
This is what the score means (IF you have been honest!).

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