Personhood Curriculum
6th Grade
Good Habits for Taking a Test
Lesson Plan
(Time estimate = TBD)

Teaching Goals
  1. Learn how to take tests more efficiently.
  2. Practice taking notes.
  3. Learn tricks for taking tests.
  4. Practice those tricks.

Teacher Prep
Print out the essay, "Test Taking Habits for Getting Better Grades"
testhabi.htm - - - testhabi.rtf
You will read this to the class.
It is not practical to print out this test from the HTML file, therefore, you must download the word processor file.  Print out and duplicate (double-sided) for each student, with spares,
Test #4 Following Directions - - - test4.rtf
Print out the answer sheet for "Test #4" - - - test4-k.rtf 


Gather up as many of copies these items as you can, and have them available in the classroom.

Class Time



You will be required to take many tests in your life, both in school, and out of school. If you develop good test taking habits you will do better on them. You will be a more impressive person to all the many people who will be looking at your grades.


I am going to read a short essay to you. You will practice taking notes on what you hear. After reading the essay, I will call on students to answer questions, using their notes or memory.
Remember what we learned before about note taking:
Read the essay "Test Taking Habits for Getting Better Grades"
Quiz students. Use directed discussion, calling several of them by name, before giving your answer. Use Participation Record.
What is the very first thing you should do when you get a test paper to do? - - - Fill in name, Etc.
What might happen to you if you DON'T read the instructions? - - - Be Blind-sided. End up in the Grade Gutter
What do you do if you are having trouble answering a question? - - - Go on to the next question.
Why is it a good idea to skip a question that is giving you a problem in answering? Can you give 4 reasons? Use directed discussion, calling several of them by name, before giving your answer. Use Participation Record.
  1. You will get credit at least for the easy ones.
  2. If you spend all your time on the hard ones, you might well get them wrong anyway.
  3. Going ahead and working on the easier ones may give you information to help answer the harder ones.
  4. Your brain may solve the harder one while you are focusing on a simpler one.
What do you do after you have finished the test? Carefully reread the instructions, to be sure you did everything, and did them correctly.

Get out your copy of the essay, "Habits for Following Directions."
Pass out copies of the essay you just read.

Now you will take another test about following directions. You may look at either the paper on Following Directions, or on Test Taking Habits while taking the test. Be careful! It is tricky!

Hand out Test #4.

Grade the test, and hand it back next class time.

Teacher Follow-up

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