Personhood Curriculum
6th Grade
Test on Following Directions
Lesson Plan
(Time estimate = TBD)

Teaching Goals
Expand Student's Self Interest Horizon.
For some students, this test will expose to them that they are ignoring instructions.

Teacher Prep
This lesson is designed to be presented right after the lesson titled, "Good Habits for Following Directions." Have a copy of it ready to project later in the lesson.
Print out Test #1 on "Following Directions" - - - test1.htm - - - test1.rtf
Make enough copies for every student, plus a few spares.
Print out a projection transparency with the instructions from the top and the bottom of the test.
instslid.htm - - - instslid.rtf

Have a copy of your roster, upon which you can make marks.


Note: This is a trick test! If a student does NOT read the instructions accurately, s/he will do all of the silly instructions in the numbered questions. If the student reads the instructions correctly, they should not do the numbered questions. They are supposed to only fill in the header at the top of the paper. You are to NOT give any verbal instructions, except those given below.

Do not pass out the papers until AFTER you have given the 3 sentence instruction below. We want them to be able to start reading and doing the moment they get their paper. We don't want them to have the luxury of reading more carefully than they otherwise might be inclined!

Class Time


You will be taking a short test today. You may start as soon as you get your paper. When you are done, turn your paper face down.

Have someone pass out the papers.

After all the papers are turned over, tell everyone:

Turn your paper face up and pass it in.

As papers come in, select out those who did not follow the instructions. Count them. On the copy of your roster, check off students who passed in papers with the header filled in. Those remaining failed to fill in the header (or are absent).

When all papers are in, read the instructions at the bottom. Open a discussion.

If you "failed" this test, don't worry, it does not affect your grade. Some of you may feel embarrassed. It is not my purpose to embarrass you. My goal is to open your eyes to the kinds of mistakes in following directions that are very common, so you won't make them again. You have plenty of company. There were ___ people who "failed."

Those of you did not follow the instructions, why not? What was your thinking? Please volunteer, so that I don't have to call on people. Remember, your answer will help you, and your classmates in the future.

Project a slide with the top and bottom instruction.
Possible answers:
"On all the tests I have ever taken we started at the beginning and worked through to the end."

"I thought I was doing what it said."


Get out the tutorial paper on how to follow directions that you received last class time.  Which of those instructions did you not follow when you did this test?

Teacher Follow-up

Remember to CAREFULLY follow the directions. You should have out the short check list of how to follow directions. If you do not have it out, or I don't see you referring to it, I will assume you are not following these instructions, and will talk to you about it afterwards.

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