Personhood Curriculum
6th Grade
Good Habits for Following Directions
Lesson Plan
(Time estimate = TBD)

Teaching Goals
  1. Learn to follow directions.
  2. Understand how mistakes are made when following directions.
  3. How to avoid making mistakes in following directions.

Teacher Prep
Print out "Habits for Following Directions" - - - directio.rtf
Make copies for all students plus spares.
Download booklet.rtf. Open it with your word processor, and print it. Follow the direction on page 3 of that printout. You will be producing a 1/4 sheet sized booklet, that has four sets of reminders. Students are to keep these for referral at any time. They will be expected to have them out in class, ready to use, and to use them.

Class Time


We will learn a few general ideas about how to follow directions. There will be tests to see how well you can follow directions.


Following directions is not something you just do in school. You will be doing it for the rest of your lives. You will do it in your job. You will do it when you buy things and have to connect it, install it, or use it. You will do it when being treated by a doctor. If you learn how to follow directions well, you will make fewer mistakes and be more efficient. That means you won't be wasting time when you could be doing something else, maybe something you really want to do.

If you can whiz through a set of instructions and do it all correct the first try, people will think highly of you. If you fumble and stumble and have to redo things to get them correct, people will think something like "What a fumbler!"


Get out pencil and paper.

I am going to read an essay to you. You are to take notes out-of-the-air as I read. Then I will call on some of you to answer questions about what the essay said. You should be able to answer from your notes. I will read slowly.

Read essay "Habits for Following Directions"
  1. When you receive a set of instructions, normally what is the first thing you should do?
    • Read all the instructions completely through.
  2. What is the third thing you should do?
    • Figure out what you are to accomplish.
  3. What is the fourth thing?
    • Familiarize yourself with it.
  4. What is the seventh thing?
    • Do in sequence.
  5. What is the eighth thing to remember?
    • Remember end result.
  6. What is the ninth thing to remember?
    • Reread to clarify what to do.
  7. What is the tenth thing?
    • Check off what is done.
  8. What is the eleventh thing?
    • Pretend to be teacher. Look for errors.
  9. What is the twelfth thing?
    • Clean up poor work

Hand out copies of the essay.

Teacher Follow-up

 See to it that each student has out the little booklet when:

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