Personhood Curriculum
6th Grade
Ricky's Slide #2
The Impact of Study
Lesson Plan
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Teaching Goals
 Show graphically how study effort can effect overall school effort.

Teacher Prep
Print "How Ricky Grows in His Abilities" - - - growth.htm
Make a transparency of it. Make copies for each student.
You will need a pointer for the projection screen.

Class Time


In this lesson we will look at a graph that shows how learning gets more difficult and complex as you get older, and what the effect is if you let yourself get really behind, give up, and stop working.


This lesson shows three possibilities of what could happen to SOME  OF  YOU this year, and what that might do to your future. If you have a Life-Goal of being successful in life, then please pay attention, and take it seriously!


 Present a slide that shows rates of growth: Knowledge & skills learned vs. age.)

Remember what happened to Ricky in the dramatic reading done during our last lesson? Here, in graphic form, is what happened to Ricky. The lower heavy line shows what happened when Ricky fell behind and then gave up. Point to it. These curves and this discussion assume that Ricky was given social promotions, as is still very common today.

  1. Because he gave up in the 6th grade, he rapidly moved from a "C" student to an "F" student. That was easy. It took NO effort at all!
  2. But then we see that when he finally woke up and decided he needed to graduate, then he had to work HARD, and still not do really well. The steepness of the slope indicates how hard the work is. Because he "started" at "F" and he had missed so much actual lifelong learning he could only improve to a "D". He didn't have the required knowledge that would have made his effort easier.
  3. Then we see that at High School graduation, it was really too late. His grades are not good enough.
  4. Ricky decides he can't make it in college. He takes a low paying job instead.

The middle heavy line is what could have happened if Ricky got his act together early on in the sixth grade. It would take only a little effort to keep up his work to stay even with his past class work and peers.

The upper heavy line is what Ricky could have accomplished if he decided to work harder than he did in the past. Tutors on difficult subjects can help GREATLY! If he concentrated on doing "A" level work for the sixth grade, he would be building a good foundation of knowledge, and good study habits. Both of these would make it much easier to keep an "A" grade for the rest of his schooling.

Note that Ricky continues to grow even after graduating from college. This is quite common, as high performing workers are often sent to seminars and take classes all through their career.

Now is the time in your schooling when learning good study habits is critical. If you haven't already learned them, and fail to learn them now, school will be mor difficult. This year in this class you will be presented with strategies for doing well in school. Strategies that can move you from whatever curve you are on, to a higher curve. Strategies that will make all the rest of your school life easier.

Which Learning Curve would YOU rather be on??? The choice is yours!

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