Personhood Curriculum
6th Grade
"Ricky's Slide #1"
Lesson Plan
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Teaching Goals
Special Comments to Teachers
Teacher Prep for the Series

If you haven't already done so...

open, read, and print the file, Lesson Plan, aphdg6-15 (Ricky's Slide #0 - - - Setting up for "Ricky's Slide" dramatic readings that cover 4 lessons plans) and follow its directions.

This should be done a few days prior to the presentation of the dramatic readings to the class.

It would be very good to have a walkthrough practice with the actors only.

Teacher Prep for this Lesson
If you haven't done so already, print the first script,
"Ricky’s Slide," A dramatic reading, Act 1. A Poor Ending - - - ricky2.rtf
Make 11 copies. One is for you. Five will be given to your readers to practice. Five are held by you until class time in case all five students forget their copies or there has to be a substitute actor.
Print Ricky Questions - - - rickyq.rtf
Either make a projection transparency or copies for each student. Copies are better, as it gives them somewhere to convieniently read the questions and write their answers.

Before class begins, clear the front of the classroom. Place an empty table at Stage-left (left as facing the audience), near the Teacher. Place a steel tape measure, a pencil, and a paper on the table.

Class Time


Sometimes things can be made clearer when they are presented in a dramatic fashion. Some of your fellow students are going to present a dramatic reading.


This drama is a good representation of what can happen in real-life. While there can be better outcomes to what is presented, it is all too common. Take it seriously!


Here are some questions for you to answer. After hearing the play I will ask for your answers.

What is Ricky's first mistake?
Not doing his homework because he is stressed-out from school.

Give some of the reasons why Ricky is overwhelmed by Jr. High?

What excuse did he give for not being worried about flunking?
Didn't want other kids to think he was a nerd.
Why does he tell his friend Ruth to bug off?
Ricky doesn't want to hear or to face the truth that he might be wrong or that he is not doing well!

When Ricky finally realizes that graduating from High School is important, why is it too late to do well in school?

Because he does not have the knowledge and skills he should have learned earlier, it takes all of his energy and a lot of work to just barely get through his classes.


Why doesn't Ricky go to college?

His grades were too poor to do so without taking a lot of "Bonehead" classes, so he gave up.


Does he get good jobs? No. Minimum wage jobs.

Why does he get fired?
Because he couldn't read a ruler! Something he should have learned very early in school.


Why is his wife upset?
Because Ricky keeps getting fired and he can't earn enough money to support them even if he doesn't get fired.

Players and teacher take their positions with scripts.

Teacher starts the play with the intro. Read intro.

Student Discussion

Use Directed Questioning ask the questions above.

New questions:

How could Ricky have reduced some of the stress at school?
What could Ricky have done when he found he was falling behind in his work?
Ask for help.
Who might have been able to help him?
Family members, friends in his classes, his teachers, tutors.
In the play whose respect did Ricky lose and why?
Did Ricky lose self-respect? YES.

What in the play tells you he lost self-respect?

What are some Life-Goals that Ricky fails to reach?
What Life-Rules might have helped Ricky, if he had followed them?

Anger is a Secondary Emotion
Anger follows a primary emotion such as fear or shame. Ricky expressed anger towards Ruth when she began to push too close to the truth about him for which he was ashamed. He lost respect for himself.
His wife feels very frustrated and anxious about the future. "Even if you COULD keep a job we can’t live on that!" That generates her anger.

When someone is angry, first ask yourself what emotion might have occurred just before the anger. If you can figure that out then you might make much better progress in working with that person or in helping them.

Teacher Follow-up

What emotion came just before your anger?

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