Personhood Curriculum
6th Grade
"Brain" Essay, &
Out-of-the-air Note Taking
Lesson Plan

Teaching Goals
  1. Practice taking notes out-of-the-air.
  2. Expand Student's Self-Interest Horizon to include brain-stimulating activities.

Teacher Prep
This lesson should follow immediately after lesson aphg5-11.

Print out "How Your Brain Develops" - - - brain.htm - - - brain.rtf

You will read from this.
Make copies to hand out AFTER is has been read to them.

Class Time


Note taking skill is useful in all of your future classes all though school.

It will be useful in a company that you might work in, or a club you might be a member of. People will notice that you are a very capable and reliable person, because you usually are on target in your work, and do good work! This will bring you a lot of respect, and people with trust you with more responsibility and that earns you more money.

You can use it for everyday things, like making out a shopping list.


Get out a paper and pencil.

I am going to read an essay to you, but you won't have a copy in front of you. Your job is to pick out the important stuff (out-of-the-air!), and jot down enough of a hint to help you remember each one. Don't worry if this doesn't seem to go fast right now. After you get used to some of the ideas, it will speed up. I will read slowly.

Read the essay "Brain."
  1. What did you note down first? Call on a student.
  2. Did you have anything before that? Call on a student.
  3. Did anyone have anything before that? Call on a student.
  4. Did anyone come up with an unusual way to write that?

 Etc. for other notes.

Pass out the version you read from. Compare your notes to this. I expected most of you would get most of the items that are large or bolded. Keep it for later use.

Did any of your notes fail to remind you about something important in the essay? (Hands?) If so, please don't worry about that. You are just starting to learn the skill.

Are there any questions on the essay itself?

Did anything in it come as a surprise to you?

Who has brain-stimulating activities that they do? Tell us about it.

What adult-like thinking does it require? You can look at the essay. I had five listed in it.

Teacher Follow-up

 Has anyone done anything this week that would stimulate your brain? Tell us about it.

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