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- How to run a "green" business

OTC Derivatives System Debuts with Razor Edge on Competition. (Nov. 2009)
- Voices for Innovation Speak Up Online. (Nov. 2009)
- Innovation in Risk Reporting. (Nov. 2009)
- Guardian One Stop Shop for Balanced Living: Guardian's Living Balance Sheet organizes every piece of each account's financial picture in one place, and updates the information daily. (Spring 2009)

- College: What's new in college savings plans. (June 2009)
- College: When not to use a 529 plan. (June 2009)
- Debt: Hard times call for hard money choices. (Apr. 2009)
- Investing: What to do when companies cut dividends. (Apr. 2009)

POINT OF VIEW magazine (cover story), April 2008

 - ETFs Offer Broader Market Exposure: Flexibility and efficiency drive the growth of exchange-traded funds. 


POINT OF VIEW magazine, October 2007

Derivatives Surge in Popularity: Use increases as plan sponsors look to manage risk and boost returns.


DEALMAKER  magazine, September/October 2007

My Mentor: Teacher's pet.



Software Boosts Wall Street Use of IM and Group Chat.



 - The 2007 All-Russia Research Team: Rarely has the market for Russian securities analysts been more competitive.  Here are the researchers investors say provide the best guidance. 


 - The 2007 Latin America Research Team: Analysts are as much in demand as Latin American stocks.  Here are the ones voted best at covering the region. 


DEALMAKER  magazine, June 2007

My Mentor: Heirs to the Airmen.



AEGON improves collaboration, data access and customer service with Web-based system.


DEALMAKER  magazine, March/April 2007

My Mentor: Wingman to Mr. Winging It.


POINT OF VIEW magazine, April 2007

Cover Story: Emerging Managers Gain Ground: Institutional investors are drawn toward smaller, newer and minority-owned firms.


DEALMAKER magazine, December 2006

Inside the Deal Shop--The Mouse That Roars: Roy Disney's $2 billion private-equity shop, Shamrock, obviously loves media deals.  But armed with a vested team and an altruistic streak, it's rapidly breaking into new areas.


POINT OF VIEW magazine, October 2006

The Global Pension Shift: Pension plans around the globe are adopting new investing mindsets and changing behaviors as they grapple with aging populations, funding issues and new regulations.


INSTITUTIONAL INVESTOR magazine, September 2006

The 2006 All-Brazil Research Team: As Brazil's economy continues to travel the yellow BRIC road, investors need insightful analysis more than ever.  Here are the researchers considered the best.


GLOBAL FINANCE magazine, September 2006

A Seller's Market: Russia. Foreign investors have developed an impressive appetite for Russian depositary receipts--and with good reason.


GLOBAL FINANCE magazine, July 2006

The Art of Giving: Setting up charitable foundations has become increasingly fashionable among US corporations. The benefits can be significant for all concerned.


GLOBAL FINANCE magazine, June 2006

Derived Value: Corporate use of derivatives is becoming increasingly commonplace, but while they are easier than ever to use, the risks still remain.


WEALTH MANAGER magazine, May 2006

Down the Rabbit Hole: When a family business travels from one generation to the next, the journey can be unexpectedly confusing.



The 2006 Online 40: Whether tethered or in a hot spot, these leaders are harnessing technology to reach new customers and grow.


INSTITUTIONAL INVESTOR magazine, February 2006

The 2006 All-Europe Research Team: Europe’s equity analysts race to provide valuable insights while keeping an eye on another bottom line: their own.


FORWARD magazine, September/October 2005 (Part 1)

Cover Story, part 1: Hemorrhaging Technology. All too often, American companies create technologies only to have them profitably exploited by other nations.


FORWARD magazine, September/October 2005 (Part 2)

Cover Story, part 2: Too Little Innovation. The R&D numbers suggest other nations are catching up with the U.S.



Home-run hitters of 2005: Who needs steroids? These pumped-up analysts hit the ball out of the park.


BUYSIDE magazine, April 2005

Big Bets in Biotech: Big Pharma may be feeling the pang of product withdrawals, but upside beckons in the form of personalized medicine, platform plays and undervalued pipelines.



Cover Story: Trading for the Hedge Funds: Traders Flock to the Hedgies.


INSTITUTIONAL INVESTOR magazine, October 2004

Cover Story: The 2004 All-America Research Team: The best analysts of the year.


BUYSIDE magazine, August 2004

Cover Story: Diamonds in the Rough: In their search for value, institutional investors slip into pink sheets.


BUYSIDE magazine, June 2004

Getting Tough on Soft Dollars: The SEC's latest target could have sweeping repercussions for both sides of the Street.


BUYSIDE magazine, May 2004

Cover Story: Expensing Options: An old debate rises again, and the outcome will impact the future of financial accounting.


BUYSIDE magazine, April 2004

Cover Story: Lehman's Second Act.  The No. 1 research departments in both equity and debt surprises its critics, but how long can the 150-year-old firm justify its top-rated analyst teams in this post-settlement era?


BUYSIDE magazine, March 2004

Cover Story: UBS: Squeaky Clean?  Firm wants to restore investor confidence, but will its record profits and growing M&A market share do the trick?


BUYSIDE magazin, February 2004

Cover Story: Mack's Attack: Can the ex-Morgan Stanley banker move CSFB beyond past scandals and its still-contentious DLJ purchase to improve the bottom line?


BUYSIDE magazine, January 2004

Cover Story: Goldman Sachs: The Reformation. With the No. 1 market share of mergers and acquisitions, the Street's oldest firm embarks on a new mission to restore investor confidence.


BUYSIDE magazine, December 2003

Cover Story: Anybody Want to Buy a Leading Investment Bank?  With rising analysts and declining bankers, Morgan Stanley is at a crossroads.


BUYSIDE magazine, October 2003

Cover Story: The Embattled Bull: Recent draconian changes within Merrill Lynch & Co. earn praise and enmity.


INSTITUTIONAL INVESTOR magazine, September 2003

The 2003 All-America Fixed-Income Research Team: This summer offered a glimpse of something bond analysts haven't seen in a while -- a bear market.


BLOOMBERG WEALTH MANAGER magazine, July/August 2003

Who Oughta Be in Pictures? Hollywood glitz and the potential to make a killing while making a movie are irresistible to some inves-tors. But make sure interested clients understand the ins and outs.


BUYSIDE magazine, May 2003

Cover Story: S&P's Broad-based Analyses Provide Clarity on Global Trends and Relative Values.



Home-run hitters of 2002: In a tough nine innings, our sluggers still managed to smack one deep.


WALL STREET RESEARCH magazine, July 2002

Profile: J.M. Dutton & Associates: An Independent and Pure Research Shop.


Capital Group Companies

Asset Allocation web pages for Capital International Asset Management.


Bloomberg's ON INVESTING magazine, spring 2000

Cover Story: Deciphering Ratings: Everything You Need to Know about How Mutual Funds Are Rated.  (The quarterly magazine was prepared by Bloomberg LP exclusively for Charles Schwab & Co. clients.)


DERIVATIVES STRATEGY magazine, June 1998

Adapting Systems to the Euro: Converting Software Systems to the Euro May Make the Y2K Problem Look like a Piece of Cake.