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These are just a few conceptual sketches.  Some of these pieces have been made, and some are simply ideas.



headpiece sketch 1 small.jpg (25652 bytes)          headpiece sketch 2 small.jpg (29548 bytes) Conceptual sketches for Headpieces.  I have made 3  different pieces out of this series.
headpiece sketch 4 small.jpg (29161 bytes)      headpiece sketch 3 small.jpg (27925 bytes)


garnet ring sketch small.jpg (32665 bytes) Garnet Ring conceptual sketch
circle pendent med.jpg (48539 bytes)  Oval pendent small.jpg (23513 bytes) Pendant sketches


calilily med.jpg (51211 bytes) Calla Lily necklace Conceptual sketch


ampule open small.jpg (18994 bytes)   ampule small.jpg (32634 bytes)   sketch with piece small.jpg (29929 bytes)  Necklace container

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