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Volume 1   2002
Volume 2   2003
Volume 3   2004
Volume 4   2005
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To the ancient alchemists, the universe was made up of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and one thing more. That was the Fifth Element, the Quintessence, the invisible, ethereal unifier of all things. They called it prima materia. Their "great work," the transmutation of base elements into the finest of materials, was founded on the search for the elusive qualities of the prima materia.

Thatís our "great work" too. At Prima Materia, our mission is to find and publish writings that contain the Quintessence, the Right Stuff, the Real Thing. Now, clearly, this is a highly subjective standard. But thatís the nature of publishing: the Editorís taste rules. Our first and foremost criterion will always be, stated simply: literary quality. 

Prima Materia is not an e-zine or web-zine. At some future date, we may publish on the Web. For now (call us old-fashioned), we prefer to publish on paper. Like many other quality literary journals, Prima Materia is a trade paperback book, perfect-bound with laminated cover. It is available for sale at select Hudson Valley bookstores, as well as on this and other Web sites.

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Brent Robison, Editor/Publisher
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