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The Principle of Ultimate Indivisibility
Prima Materia
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The Principle of
Ultimate Indivisibility
A Web of Stories
by Brent Robison


6" x 9" perfect bound, 194 pages
ISBN 978-0-578-02316-8

Drawings by Wendy Drolma

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The Principle of Ultimate Indivisibility weaves together the disparate lives of ordinary people as they stumble through tiny everyday epiphanies on their way from confusion and loss toward redemption. With structures both traditional and experimental, these thirteen linked stories explore the bonds of family... the impacts of religion... our intertwined struggles with grief, love, and addiction... the intangible circuits of influence that link us to strangers... and the blind but determined striving for consciousness that is common to human experience. 

Stories in the collection have been published in a variety of journals and have won a Short Fiction Award and an Honorable Mention from Chronogram Magazine, a Fiction Fellowship from the New Jersey Council on the Arts, and a Pushcart Prize nomination. 

Subtlety ought to be on an endangered literary species list, but Brent Robison brilliantly makes the case for its essentiality in this exquisite collection of webbed stories. These stories argue that everything is a facet of the same jewel and we touch each otherís lives in unfathomable ways. To read them is to heighten oneís bond with strangers.
---Djelloul Marbrook
Far From Algiers
2007 Wick Poetry Prize
Rich, layered, images take us deep inside the lives of Robison's characters, their stories weaving together a tapestry as textured as it is beautiful. Brent Robison's stories are reminiscent of Sherwood Anderson's Winesburg, Ohio -- stories of ordinary people caught in the crosshairs of circumstance, sometimes of their own making, sometimes not. All of them heroic in their honest struggle to find meaning and ultimately love. A gorgeous timeless collection about longing. 
---Susan Richards
Chosen by a Horse
NY Times Bestseller

  About the Author:

Brent Robison emigrated west to east and is now rooted in the Catskill Mountains of New York state. He has over 25 yearsí experience writing professionally for a wide variety of corporate clients, and his journalism has appeared in several regional publications. As a fiction writer, he is a former participant in the Writerís Studio in New York City as well as other workshops. His short stories have been published in print and online in Alchemy, Crania, Boston Literary Magazine, Margins, Pindeldyboz, Silent Voices, The Mochila Review, and other journals, and have been anthologized in Of a Certain Age: Voices of Experience and Tribute to Orpheus 2. In addition, his work has won the Chronogram Short Fiction Contest, the Literal Latte Short Short Award, a Fiction Fellowship from the New Jersey Council on the Arts, and a Pushcart Prize nomination. He is also the publisher and editor of the Hudson Valley regionís literary annual, Prima Materia

Brent Robison