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:::     Stories We Tell Ourselves     :::

Fiction.  Poetry.  Memoir.  Essays.
A Translation.  A Comic Strip.

Over 230 pages of literary works by
writers from the Hudson Valley, New York

Edited by Brent Robison

Our third volume offers a wide-ranging collection of writings by twenty-seven Hudson Valley authors.  Despite their diversity, these works share a certain wisdom.  They explore and illustrate the ways that we use our inborn human talent for narrative: not merely to entertain and inform, but in fact to make sense of our own lives, to understand our relationships, to create our very selves.

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Marlene Adelstein               Emily Katz              Guy Reed
Duff Allen               Richard Klin              Nancy Rullo
Bob Bachner               Paloma J. R. Kopp              Gerald Seligman
Saul Bennett               Mary Leonard              Lorna Smedman
Celia Bland               Irene McGarrity              Sparrow
William Boyle               Will Nixon              Clark Strand
Carl Frankel               Philip Pardi              Isaac Weiner
Alison Sloane Gaylin               Michael Perkins              Rachel X. Weissman
Patrick Hyland               Melissa Holbrook Pierson              Minda Zetlin

...Prima Materia Volume 3, ISBN 0-9718908-4-6, is a 6"x 9" perfect-bound trade paperback ...

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