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:::       Home, Family,       :::
and Other Mixed Blessings

Over 180 Pages of Short Fiction by 
Writers from the Hudson Valley, New York

Edited by Brent Robison

Our second issue features short stories by 23 writers from the Hudson Valley, NY, plus drawings by one local artist.  In most of these works, the characters' struggles take place squarely within the context of home and family.  In a wider sense, these stories tell us about living in America, in the world, in the state of being human:  how do we find what's important?

Ty Adams             Al Desetta            Brent Robison
Scott Anderson             Bob Dunne            Maia Rossini
Deborah Artman             Simone Felice            Kate Schapira
Holly Beye             Carol Field            Lisa Starger
Audrey Borenstein             Donald Ray Gilman            Fred Stelling
Thomas H. Brennan             Scott Maxwell            Jasmine Tsang
Barbara Brooks             Irene McGarrity            Valerie Wacks
Edward M. Cohen             Dina Pearlman            Tania Zamorsky

...Prima Materia Volume 2, ISBN 0-9718908-1-1, is a 5.5"x 8.5" perfect-bound trade paperback ...

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