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Over 170 Pages of Short Fiction by 
Writers from the Hudson Valley, New York

Edited by Brent Robison

Our debut issue features short stories by two dozen writers from the Hudson Valley region of New York state.  Here are twenty-four voices telling truth, in works that range from traditional to experimental, poetic to reportorial, allegorical to confessional.  And these are not stories about the Hudson Valley, but rather from it, which, you'll discover, can mean almost anything.


Annick Baud              Phillip P Levine            Nicole Quinn
Peter Cooper              H. N. Levitt            Brent Robison
Wendy T. Dompieri              Iris Litt            Jessica Schabtach
Lanette Fisher-Hertz              Jennie Litt            Kate Schapira
Lucy Hayden              Del Marbrook            Nina Shengold
Norma Jean Howland              Philip Pardi            Marilyn Stablein
Wendy Klein              Fred Poole            Marta Szabo
Dakota Lane              David M. Rose            Valerie Wacks

...Prima Materia Volume 1, ISBN 0-9718908-0-3, is a 5.5"x 8.5" perfect-bound trade paperback ...

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