All indications are that my Troll family were from Baden, Germany but a specific location has yet to be determined. The earliest know Troll is Joseph Troll and his wife Celestine Hoober/Hoover. [1] Joseph and Celestine's probable children are:

  1. Joseph Troll, Jr.was born about 1804 in Baden, Germany and emigrated ca 1835-1836 to America.
  2. Engelbert Troll was born ca 1811 in Baden, Germany. Engelbert emigrated to America. He died 30 March 1866 in St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri. [2] He married Ottilia _____ (Possible maiden names Scheffle, Scheftle, Schofter, Schofler.)
  3. John Troll was born about 1816 in Baden, Germany. John emigrated to America. He died in September 1877 in St.Louis, St.Louis, Missouri. [2] He married Theresa Ziegler 1 November 1837 in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri [4] (Their marriage record shows his parents as Joseph Troll and Celestine Hoober/Hoover so this would mean they are also the parents of the other children.) His children are: Elizabeth (1839-1911), Thomas (1841-1863), Francois (1841-ca 1846), John (1843-ca 1846), Mary (1846-after 1875), Louisa (1848-1865), Emilia Marion (1851-1929), John M. (1853-after 1880), Theresa (1855-1856), Xavier Reynold (1857-1916), Francis Joseph (1859-1933). [5]
  4. Veronica Troll remained in Europe.
  5. Regina Troll remained in Europe.
  6. Thomas Troll remained in Europe. [6]

It is suspected that Joseph Troll, Jr. was married 1) to Maria Anna Kensler ca 1833. They are the known parents of Celestine Troll born 19 April 1835 in Germany or Missouri. [33] Celestine probably died before 1840 in Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri. Maria Anna Kensler died in February 1837 in Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri [7]

Joseph and Maria are the probable parents of Antonia/Antoinette Troll born March 1834 in Baden, Germany [8] The information on this daughter is from the probate file of Amelia Troll Lowe, half sister of Antonia. [9]

Joseph Troll, Jr. married 2)Adaline M. Heberle, probable daughter of Nicolas Heberle and Verain Huber, on 3 July 1837 in Madison County, Missouri. [10] In the 1840 federal census Joseph and Adaline were enumerated in Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri. [11] Enumerated with them is a daughter age 5-10, most likely Antonia.

Joseph and Adaline had two daughters: Mary Magdaline Troll, born 7 November 1841 in Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri and Amelia Troll, born 8 June 1846 in Illinois. [12] [13]

Joseph Troll, Jr. has not been located in the 1850 federal census. He and Adaline were apprently divorced as Adaline is enumerated in the 1850 federal census as the wife of William Randlett. [14] Her two Troll daughters are with them but enumerated as Mary and Emily (Amelia) Randlett. Adaline and William had daughters Elvira Randlett and Lydia Randlett [15] Adaline was married a third time on 12 April 1862 to George W. Thomas. [16] Adaline died shortly after her third marriage, on 1 November 1862 in Potter Valley, Mendocino, California, and is buried in the Potter Valley Cemetery as Adaline M. Randlett. [17]

In 1852 Mary and Amelia are enumerated in the El Dorado County, California state census with their half sister Antonia Troll Johnson. [18]

Joseph Troll, Jr. is next found on the 1860 San Leandro, Eden Township, Alameda County, California federal census with daughters Mary and Amelia. [19] Joseph is listed as a stock raiser and as having real estate. Efforts to locate any deeds in Alameda County have been unsuccessful. The 1870 federal census lists Joseph alone in Los Nietos Township, Los Angeles, California [20] Joseph Troll's purported death date of 1872 in Los Angeles County, California is from a descendant and is unverified. Probate records for Los Angeles County did not begin as early as 1872, nor has a cemetery record been located.

Antonia Troll married 1) John Johnson about 1851 in California. They had four children: Joseph N. (1852-1908), Ann J. (1854-?), John Robert (1857-1927), Henry Charles (1859-?). [21] [22]

Antonia and John Johnson were enumerated in the 1852 El Dorado County, California state census. [18] In 1860 they were in San Leandro, Eden Township, Alameda, California federal census and were next door to her father Joseph Troll [19] It appears that Antonia divorced John Johnson ca 1860.

Antonia married 2) Robert Reed ca 1860 and they had five children: Mary J. (1861-1938), George J. (1865-?). Amelia (1867-1942), Laura (1862-1938), Ella/Elnor (1871-1957). [22] [23]

Antonia and Robert Reed were in Los Nietos Township, Los Angeles County, California at the time of the 1870 federal census and living next door to her father Joseph Troll. [20] In the 1880 federal census Antonia Reed is in Aguas Caliente Township, San Diego County, California and is a widow or divorced. [24] With her are John R. Johnson, Mary Johnson, George Johnson, Amelia Reed, Laura Reed and Ellenor Reed. Antonia is enumerated with her son John Johnson in the 1900 federal census is Julian Township, San Diego County, California [25] Antonia's death date and place have yet to be determined but it is thought she died about 1900-1905.

Mary Magdaline Troll married John Daniel Brower, Sr. on 21 January 1861 in Alameda County, California. [26]. John and Mary had nine children: Maria Emilia (1861-1936), Joseph Troll (1863-1926), Emma (1865-1869), Nellie (1867-1899), Clara Elvira (1869-1909), Lillie M. (1874-1897), Conrad Leese (1877-1938), Abraham Lincoln (1879-1896), Eugene Maze (1884-1938). They lived in Potter Valley throughout most of their married life. John Daniel Brower died 19 August 1888 in Potter Valley. [27] Mary died 25 July 1897 in Potter Valley and both are buried at the Russian River Cemetery in Ukiah, Mendocino County, California. [28].

Amelia Troll (also Emilia or Emma) married James Lowe, sometime between 1860-70, and resided in San Antonio, Monterey County, California in 1870 and 1880. [29], [30]. James and Amelia had no children. James Lowe died 4 July 1893 at Long Valley, Monterey, California. [31] Amelia has not been located in the 1900 federal census but she is probably in Santa Clara County, California. Amelia was enumerated in the 1910 federal census in Potter Valley, Mendocino, California. [32] Amelia died 9 March 1913 in San Jose, Santa Clara, California. [13]

Numerous attempts have been made to further research the Troll surname without success. Troll does not appear to be a very common name. The name has also been researched as Droll because Droll and Troll are variations of the same name in Germany (the letters "D" and "T" are pronounced the same and sometimes interchanged). Spelling variations include: Trowle, Trowell, Troul, Troulle, Troull, Trowll, Trowel, Trouell, Trouel, Trowlle, Trowall, Trowal, Trull, Truell, Truelle and many more.

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