Henry A. Cryder

Born 17 Aug 1856
Belle Plaine, Benton County, Iowa
Died 20 Apr 1935
Burley, Cassia County, Idaho


Henry was the son of Daniel W. Cryder and Sarah Weatherington who were married 5 June 1845 in Franklin Co., Ohio. [1] Henry had polio as a child or was stepped on by a horse or both. These theories have not been proven.

Henry had a brother Curtis Jefferson Cryder and two sisters: Mathilda and Ida, none of whom lived past infancy. The family lived in Ogle County, Illinois until about 1855 or 1856 when they moved to Iowa and remained in Iowa until September 1872 when they took the west-bound Overland train to San Francisco via Carlin, Nevada. [2]

The family lived in Sonoma County, California from 1873 until 1877 when they moved to Jackson County, Oregon. In 1878 Henry signed a teaching contract for a subscription school for $25.00 salary. Later that same year he received another teaching certificate. In 1879 Henry received a Teaching Certificate of Renewal for School Dist. No. 2 from March 1879 to July 1880. [3] On the 1880 census they were in Sam's Valley, Jackson County, Oregon. The United States of America granted a land patent to Henry, Homestead Cert. #2158 in Section 32, township 35 South, Range 2W of 160 acres [4]

Henry married Mary Rosalie Greenwalt, daughter of Abraham Greenwalt and Sophia Louisa Billig, on 14 September 1881 at his father's home. [5] Mary Rosalie was born 26 February 1863 In Kinderhook, Pike Co., Illinois.





The couple had five children: Amy Louise, Harold, Rhoda Ellen, Ida and Oris.

Standing: (left to right) Amy Louise and Oris.
Seated: Rhoda Ellen, Harold and Ida.
Circa 1900, Yakima, Washington

  1. Amy Louise was born 26 December 1882 in Sam's Valley, Jackson Co., Oregon.[6] She married Carl Albert Pihl 24 June 1903 in Yakima, Yakima Co., Washington. [7] Amy died 13 April 1972 in Burley, Cassia Co., Idaho. She is buried at the Burley Cemetery, Burley, Cassia Co., Idaho.
  2. Harold was born 10 April 1884 In Sam's Valley. [8] He married first Anna May Stiles 19 July 1908 in Twin Falls, Twin Falls Co., Idaho. [9] and second Adeline Swanson [10] Harold died 13 March 1925 in Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon. [11] and is buried at the Rose City Cemetery, Portland, Multnomah Co., OR
  3. Rhoda Ellen was born 20 July 1886 in Sam's Valley [12] and married Arthur Clinton Smith 19 July 1908 in Twin Falls, Idaho. [13] Rhoda died 14 Mar 1972 in Lawton, Comanche Co., Oklahoma. [14] Rhoda is buried at the Twin Falls Cemetery, Twin Falls Twin Falls Co., Idaho.
  4. Ida was born 7 Oct 1890 in Sam's Valley [15] and married Stephen Douglas Parke 19 June 1912 in Twin Falls, Twin Falls, Idaho. [16] Ida died 9 September 1984 in Burley, Cassia, Idaho and is buried in the Burley Cemetery, Burley, Cassia, Co., Idaho.
  5. Oris was born 14 February 1894 in Sam's Valley and married Elizabeth Berry 18 February 1920 in Twin Falls, Twin Falls, Idaho. Oris died 25 January 1944 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon and is buried in the Twin Falls Cemetery, Twin Falls, Twin Falls Co., Idaho

Henry was a member of the Odd Fellows for over 40 years and a member of the Christian Church. He served as Postmaster of Gold Hill from 31May 1893 until 1897. [17] He was voted by the Board of Trustees/City Council as City Treasurer of Gold Hill or Sam's Valley???? in 1895.[18]

Henry and his family have been located in the following federal census records:

  1. 1880 Sam's Valley, Jackson Co., Oregon page 38D
  2. 1900 Moxee Precinct, Yakima Co., Washington page 44A
  3. 1910 Filer Precinct, Twin Falls Co., Idaho page 5315
  4. 1920 Burley, Cassia Co., Idaho enumeration dist. 133, sheet 4, line 79

In 1897 the family moved from Sam's Valley to Gold Hill, Oregon. [19] In September/October 1899 Henry and his son Harry moved from Gold Hill, Oregon to Yakima, Washington [20] His wife Mary and the rest of the family followed in November [21] The family was on the move again in February 1905 when Henry and son Harry moved to Twin Falls, Idaho; daughter Rhoda followed in June. Mary, Ida and Oris arrived in October.

Henry's mother, Sarah Weatherington Cryder, died 7 February 1892 and was buried in the Pankey Cemetery at Sam's Valley. [22]

Daniel W. Cryder, his father, died 16 July 1899 after being struck by a train. [23] He too is buried at Pankey Cemetery in Sam's Valley.

Mary Rosalie died 7 January 1916 at Yakima, Washington and was buried at the Tahoma Cemetery in Yakima. [24]

Henry died 20 April 1935 of pneumonia at the home of his daughter Ida Parke in Burley, Idaho. [25]


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