Glenn Alperin: Writing Tutor, Math Tutor, Life Coach


Becoming a good writer takes a lot of practice. Aside from the fundamental mechanics of proper capitalization, spelling, punctuation, and grammar, there is the more creative aspect of presentation.

For most writing to be understood, it needs to have a logical sequence. Many people struggle with writing because they find that their thoughts are difficult to organize.

Each person might present their ideas in a slightly different way, perhaps using different words or constructs. However, that does not mean that any specific person's writing style is necessarily better or worse than others. Instead, it suggests that there can be quite a diversity of writing styles.

Some people become gifted at only one style of writing, but this can limit their ability to be successful when, perhaps, a different writing style would be more appropriate for a specific writing project.

As a writing tutor, it is my goal to assess the skill level of my students, and to further cultivate the writing ability that my students already possess. In addition to that, it is also my goal to introduce my students to different styles of writing. I want my students to feel competent and confident regardless of the chosen writing style for any specific project. To accomplish this, I create writing assignments which focus around the interests of my students in areas of writing which they feel they need more improvement on. Often, these writing assignments will be completed during the tutoring process. However, depending on the specific needs of the student, I may assign some amount of homework between tutoring sessions.

It is my firm belief that, in general, a person can increase their writing ability simply by writing more, but I also understand that the scariest thing that many writers encounter is a blank piece of paper or a blank computer screen. I know that I can help bring out the thoughts and ideas which are "locked inside" my students' heads. Once those thoughts and ideas are fleshed out on paper or computer screen, I know that my students will feel a sense of achievement, and they will also have fun in the process. When my students are having fun learning, they will learn a lot more quickly.

Learning to write well can indeed be quite a struggle, but there is no doubt that in our society and culture today, people with exceptional writing skills have a lot more opportunities available to them. I know that good writing skills can be learned, and I am certain I can impart those skills effectively.