Glenn Alperin: Writing Tutor, Math Tutor, Life Coach


Strong math skills come in very handy in many different aspects of life, but many people struggle to acquire those skills. This is often the result of confusing or uninspiring instruction. However, it is possible to provide mathematical instruction in an easy-to-understand manner by breaking down the various steps required to solve specific problems.

Unlike with reading and writing where there can be many different ways to approach similar problems yielding many different results, math is a lot more rigid. There are, after all, definite rules which must be followed, and always a definite result. There may be more than one way to solve a math problem, but the solution will always be the same.

My approach to tutoring math involves making sure that my students understand the basic concepts. Once the concepts are understood, then it becomes possible to work out a variety of different problems utilizing those concepts. With enough repetition, it becomes easier to see the patterns inherent in math, and as a result, it becomes easier to solve math problems.

Using this method, not only are my students learning math skills, but they are also learning how to overcome similar challenges by simplifying larger problems into smaller attainable goals. This skill will serve my students throughout their lifetime.