April 1, 2006

Dear Lurie,

It is only just today that I found out that you were the contributor of tickets to the 183 Fuller Street outing of Billy Crystal's "700 Sundays". Although this letter is being written a few months late, I wanted to let you know that I very much appreciated them. I very much enjoyed that show. I spent much time after the show thinking about it, and engaged several people in conversation about it afterwards. Particularly poignant for me were some of the comments which Billy Crystal had made concerning the relationship he had maintained with his father. I must admit that I found at least a few of them to be very close to home for me, especially with the situation with my father passing before my 17th birthday. I guess in some ways, that makes me lucky. I got roughly 900 Sundays, so I guess I shouldn't be that upset about my own fortunes in this area. I hope you can understand and appreciate how much seeing that show really meant to me, and, although it is definitely very late in coming, I wanted to offer my sincere appreciation to you for allowing me to go on that outing with the rest of my house mates.


Glenn Alperin
183 Fuller Street
Brookline, MA 02446