By hiring Glenn Alperin, Letter Ghostwriter, you agree to the following definitions, terms, and conditions:


FONTTimes New Roman, in 12 point normal font size
PAGEA single-spaced, single-sided US letter-sized page with margins of one inch on all four sides utilizing the FONT.
I, me, myThese refer to Glenn Alperin, Letter Ghostwriter.
You, yourThese refer to the person paying Glenn Alperin, Letter Ghostwriter for services performed.
    • You agree that, by hiring me, you are representing yourself and nobody else. You will provide your full name, address, telephone number, and (if applicable) e-mail address so that I may best author, prepare, and deliver your letter to you.
    • Payment for services rendered for letter writing shall consist of two parts:
      • $25.00 (US dollars) per PAGE or fraction thereof, with a $25.00 minimum charge
      • $15.00 (US dollars) per hour for each hour or fraction thereof, with a $15.00 minimum charge
    • I expect that the composition of most letters will not exceed 4 hours. A typical letter usually requires between 2 and 4 hours of combined work consisting of both consultation time and composition time. If your situation is complicated, it may require more time. I can not predict in advance how much time will be required of each letter I write due to not knowing the complexity of the situations I will be writing about.
    • Payment for services rendered for resume editing and review shall consist of a flat hourly rate of $15.00 per hour or fraction thereof with a $15.00 minimum charge.
    • Payment shall be made by way of one of the following:
      • The Bill Pay feature of online banking for your bank. In this case, payment should be made to the following:
        Glenn Alperin
        183 Fuller Street
        Brookline, MA 02446
      • Money orders purchased from the USPS. Please note: All other money orders will be rejected. Money orders should be sent to the following address:
        Glenn Alperin
        183 Fuller Street
        Brookline, MA 02446
      • Acceptance Mark PayPal to (I will send you a PayPal invoice)
    • Once payment is received, I can either send the letter and/or resume to you electronically via e-mail in either plain text or Word format at no additional charge, or I can send it to you via the US Postal Service. If you wish for me to send the letter or resume to you via the US Postal Service, I will charge you, at cost, for postage and Certified Mail Delivery. As letters typically require a hand-written signature, it will be your responsibility to add that signature before the letter is sent to its final destination.
    • I reserve the right to refuse to accept any specific letter writing assignment at my own judgment. In addition, I reserve the right to terminate any letter writing assignment in progress at any time and for any reason.
    • Because of circumstances which are out of my control, I can not guarantee the ultimate effectiveness of the letter I will compose on your behalf.
    • Regardless of circumstances, my maximum liability shall not exceed 100% of the amount which either has been paid or would have been paid to me for services rendered.
    • This is the entire agreement between you and Glenn Alperin, Letter Ghostwriter. Unless stipulated in writing and signed by both parties, no additional terms and conditions shall apply.