Dear Sir or Madame,

I just spoke with one of your representatives at the Attorney General office who suggested that I compose this letter and send it off to help make you aware of a situation I encountered this week. On Monday, October 14, 2002, I received a message on my home phone voicemail from a person claiming to be a Cal Perry from an Awards Verification Center. It was not clear to me at the time if that was the name of the company or the department, but in either event, it was stressed to me that I was guaranteed to win one of several different prizes for something which I had entered into. At the time, this struck me as the sort of things scams are made of, especially as I had not entered into any such drawings. I finally was able to call them back today and was left with an even stronger sense that they were not looking to give things away but they were probably very interested in getting my money. They even claimed that I had to have at least a particular income level for me to be able to receive this particular promotion. I do not actually fit their income level requirements, but just to play along, I said that I did. What they claim to be doing is willing to guarantee me a particular prize if I was willing to visit them and receive a personalized tour of one of their vacation facilities. I possess no means to actually get there (I do not drive, and public transportation is not able to get me to where they claim they wanted me to go to see their presentation) nor am I at all certain I would be interested in giving them ninety minutes of my time to receive their ad pitch. I informed them that I was a little skeptical based on what they had told me so far, and I became even more skeptical when they told me they would not send me any paper information about this until I scheduled a time to receive their personalized ad pitch.

The information they have given me about their company so far is as follows: They are located in the Berkshires. (I have not tried to verify if this is true.) The phone number they gave me to contact them when they left the message on my voicemail is 888-362-4819. They required that I verify my phone number for them, and I saw no harm in doing so. I will, however, check my next phone bill very closely.

I do not know if this company is interested in scamming people, but as I indicated above, it sounded remarkably like that was their intent. I just wanted to make you aware of the situation as I saw it, and I hope you will take whatever actions you feel necessary to deal with this kind of company.


Glenn Alperin
183 Fuller Street
Brookline, MA 02446-5713