June 14, 2008

Patricia Hart Petersen, Recruiter, Human Resources
Brookline Bank
PO Box 470469
Brookline, MA 02447-0469

Dear Pat,

It was a delight to finally meet you yesterday. After speaking with you on the telephone and finally getting to speak with you in person, I came away with the understanding that the interviewing process is probably not the easiest aspect of your job. However, I still have to commend you for giving me the necessary time to articulate my desire to fill one of your open teller positions, and I hope I made your job just a bit easier in the process.

I also hope you came away with a positive impression of my dedication to work in general and to the customer service-oriented job of a teller in particular. As you mentioned to me, I know that you have two open positions at this time, and you expressed a preference to hire somebody with prior teller experience over somebody without. Although I currently lack teller experience as I expressed to you when I first spoke with you on the telephone, I believe there are a few intangibles that go into a successful fit for a job as detail-oriented as a teller position requires. In addition to having strong numerical and customer service skills, being friendly and personable with a variety of different people who each must have their own individual needs met, both accurately and quickly, has always been one of my personal goals. Although I am certain that I will accomplish my personal on-the-job goals, I hope you will give me the opportunity to exceed your expectations for a candidate for a teller position.


Glenn Alperin
183 Fuller Street
Brookline, MA 02446